Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The unaccountability of our rulers

Timmy picks up this article.
We have in this country far too many faceless, unelected officials who wield enormous powers over our lives yet are answerable directly not to the voters but to other unelected, faceless officials.
Rather than electing them though, let’s hang them. Much more fun.

Very true, but surely simple hanging is far too easy on them: I would favour more drawn-out measures; after all, with today's technology, we could keep them alive and screaming for hours.

We would have to reserve the really unpleasant punishments, though, for those traitorous fucks who handed over the power to these faceless bureaucrats in the first place. May they all die painfully, and oh-so-very slowly.


Anonymous said...

How about water-boarding as an amuse-gueule, for example? We could move on from there when we think up something else. I would suggest a two-hour formal lecture from Sting, but they might like it.

Anonymous said...

....those traitorous fucks who handed over the power to these faceless bureaucrats in the first place.

Agreed...but aren't these those who exercised their right to vote during the last 50 years?

Anonymous said...

So we've finally woken up to the fact that national politics is the same as at local level. Local Councillors have no say in whether say, a school, hospital or town hall should be built. They do however, get to choose the colour scheme. The unelected few make the decisions, the politicians dress the windows, apply the spin and do as they are told

Little Black Sambo said...

Tie them down and make them listen to Billy Bragg introducing some of his songs.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Can't we just put them on burning Viking boats and push them off in the direction of a Nordic socialist utopia? Sort of like a "sending home" ceremony?

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