Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tagged by god!

Well, by Master Dale actually, this time with the My Week In The Media meme.

What I've Read
Ridiculous though it may seem, after over a year in the Big Smoke, most of my stuff is still in storage in Edinburgh, so I am a little short of books. I don't read newspapers as such, but I have 130 blog feeds and I read just about every post, every day. However, in order to counter the cacophony of opinion, I like to read something a little fluffier, so I have just finished re-reading the final Harry Potter.

I am now re-reading Neal Asher's The Skinner (which he kindly sent me as a present a while back); I am also starting Michael Frayn's Spies (a Christmas prsent) and Beginning Ruby on Rails by Steven Holzner (pinched from Mike).

What I've Watched
I watch very little television, but I do occasionally have it on in the background so last night I sort of watched another hilariously high body-count Midsomer Murders and The Count Of Monte Cristo.

I have also just watched all of the videos that are up on The Divine Comedy Facebook Group.

What I've Listened To
Unlike Iain, my iTunes seems to be operating without any problems (check whether the actual songfiles are still there, Iain: it's probably just a corrupted database reference file) and so I have been listening to my Comprehensive playlist on "random": this contains about 500 songs which I never need to skip and contains a plethora of very fine music. Other than that, I have been listening to Crowded House's new(ish) album, Time On Earth, a lot.

Also, I have been going through my tracks picking out songs that relate to vices—drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, etc.—in some way. This is because I am DJing on that theme at Burns Soo Bright on Friday night for about an hour or so, and I need to get my songs sorted out quite rapidly. If anyone has any suggestions, do bung them in the comments...

Where I've Surfed
I've been browsing the usual places: blogs, sites that I'm building, the Libertarian Party forums and A List Apart for CSS tips.

I won't pass this on, but if anyone wants to indulge then please feel free.


Bag said...

Happy New year. i'm clearly behind the times with yourself and your politics but what does this libertarian partymean for you now. Have you passed you allegiance toit from UKIP? or do you still have an interest in both.

bearing in mind that unlike you i have letmy blog reading slip I could be asking something you have already answered.if so I apologise.

Have fun with your DJing.

knirirr said...

Excellent - Ruby is good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Those who enjoy the film 'The Count of Monte Cristo' are the best argument for the re-introduction of the death penalty. I am sure that Alexandre Dumas is spinning in his grave. The book is a brilliant epic, roughly as long as the Lord of the Rings. The film is only several hours long, and changes the story utterly. There is no point even calling it the Count of Monte Cristo, as it is nothing like the book. If you have to watch a televised version, then get the proper French one, with Gerard Depardieu:

Anonymous said...

Thanking you kindly for the contribution.

Who will fucking care is a fare question and one that may or may not be answered as this whole thing progesses.

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