Monday, January 14, 2008

Straight talking

I like UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom: there's no obfuscation with him! Here he is, in fine style, in this UKIP press release.
Brown's job loss claim "nonsense"

Claims by Gordon Brown that Britain needs to be part of the EU or 3.5 million people risk losing their jobs were dismissed today as "mind bogglingly dumb."

UKIP MEP and economist Godfrey Bloom said the claim was so daft he didn't know where to begin pointing out its nonsense.
"I will give Gordon Brown £1000 if he could point to any private sector job which would be lost as a consequence of Britain leaving political union with Brussels and joining EFTA" he said.

"Such a statement as his is on par with someone addressing the NASA conference and claiming that the moon was made of green cheese.

"Apart from the fact that we have a trade deficit with the EU, does he really think that companies such as Mercedes would stop trading with Britain if we governed ourselves?

"We have a trade surplus with America and yet we aren't in political union, and I'm sure I've seen people driving Japanese cars and yet we don't let them make our laws for us.

"Mr Brown really needs to go back to his book on 'economics for dummies' because the man does not have a clue."

"Given that the Commission have estimated that the cost of EU regulation on business is £405 billion* a year, I would say that businesses would weather the storm better without that millstone around their neck."

* Gunter Verheugen, Vice President of the Commission estimated that EU regulation cost businesses €600 billion, or £405 billion a year in an interview with the FT.

You might disagree with him, but you cannot claim that his straight-talking is not a breath of fresh air...


anthonynorth said...

We'll get more straight talkers in Parliament by popularising the idea of Independents. Subvert the very idea of the political party, I say.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly a breath of fresh air and I wholeheartedly agree with him ....

and I agree with anthonynorth ... somehow we need to fill parliament with independent libertarians (who preferably are also secularist).

Mark Wadsworth said...

Totally agreed, with GB, with post and with comments.

Didn't fuckwit Brown say something like "half our trade is with the EU" to which the blogosphere replied "so that means that the other half isn't, you fuckwit"?

How come that £400 billion figure isn't mentioned more often?

Devil's Kitchen said...

It's worse than that; I haven't seen the latest figures, but in 2004, only 10% of our trade and services ended up in the EU.

80% of our trade and services are internal, i.e. within Britain.


Vindico said...

Precisely, DK. Brown is a prize cunt. Only 20% of our economy is traded externally, and yet 100% of companies have to implement the bonkers EU regulations. Somebody tell me why people passively accept this pile of shit?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Godders fan! Here he is in action in the EU Parliament:

Anonymous said...

Possibly Gordo gets his stats and graphs from the same pillock that insists we`ll be swimming to work in boiling water by 2020.

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