Monday, January 14, 2008

Socialist nutjobs

Prodicus has a little story up...
Some union woman - from Unison, I think she said - has been on Radio 4's PM claiming that Brown should grant the above-inflation pay rise she wants for her members, for two reasons:
  1. No public sector worker (haha) should be awarded a pay rise below inflation.

Yes, she really said that.

Eh? What? Would this also apply to private sector workers? To everyone, then? The stupid cow must be an economist... not. Give me strength.

And now here's a real beaut:
  1. Since January 2007 the government has made 3 point something billion pounds' worth of efficiency savings, so they can afford it.

More economic crap of a high order. But—bless her, this is lovely. Music to my ears. And celestial symphonies to the ears of George Osborne, I should think.

If Gordo has, in a single year, made savings of fully half what Gideon said he would make in a whole Parliament, to unattractive sneers from the nosepicker and a chorus of howling from his lackeys, Gideon can bite his thumb at Brown any time he sees the man.

Actually, of course, whether or not the One-Eyed King has made £3 billion in efficiency savings is, unfortunately, of absolutely no relevance whatsoever. Why?

Because public sector borrowing last year—estimated at some £30 billion—was, in fact, double that figure, at about £60 billion*.

The Gobblin' King hasn't got a fucking dime and that, lady, is why your members will just have to shut their fucking faces and be happy with what they've got.

* It might actually be higher than that now: see this post. In 2006/07, government spending was £552.2 billion, but tax receipts only came to £423.7 billion. That's a pretty hefty discrepancy.

Spending plans, from the first of April 2007 until the end of March 2008, has the government spending £586.6 billion, but only receiving £453.4 billion in tax.

Gordon has no fucking money, quod erat demonstrandum.


Anonymous said...

We've just had the froth and spin of the '60s under Blair. Watch out for the stagflation of the '70s under Brown.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DK, while govt spending minus receipts shows a fucking huge deficit, it's not quite as bad as you say - the £423 bn is just HMRC receipts, a better source is this, for 06-07 total govt receipts £518 bn (Tab C4), total spending £550 bn (Tab B1). It's all in my 'stat's and stuff' section.

Roger Thornhill said...

What totally gets my goat is the barefaced cheek that somehow taxpayers money is in a big, gurgling pot, ok, lets say laid out in a great long trough - better - for the various snouts to get their fill. £3billion not troughed up does not mean it is there for others to scoff down. No, it means the next refill should not require so much. Is that the mind of the public sector?

Anonymous said...

Its gonna be a spring of discontent for cyclops I was a kid last time and thought power cuts were fun but this time I know who to blame and why.

John Eckersley said...

Mitch - As you were a kid (so was I) you may have forgotten that power cuts and the three-day week were under a Tory government, although the press has done a pretty good job of rewriting all woes of the 70s into the Winter of Discontent.

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