Monday, January 14, 2008

Seven bribes for seven politicians

I have been tagged by Mike Power, by a meme that originated at Tampon Teabag. In terms of the general spirit of the challenge, I am with the Flying Rodent generally.
It arises from some comments thread in which Larry Teabag tried to pin down Paulie Hippy over the latter's definition of "negativism", a term he's fond of using.

Paulie seems to hold some weird ideas about the usefulness of blogs and what should be done with them. While I have some sympathy with his belief that people, generally, should spend more time making positive proposals than they do complaining, this strikes me as uncomfortably close to If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. That drove me up the wall when my mother said it years ago, and I'm inclined to respond with obscene gestures now.

So, I am a negativist, and I see little problem with being one. That's as much as I have to say on the subject, since Dsquared has already said it far better than I could.[*]

Since this meme seems to have arisen, at least partially, from the argument that I had with Paulie some time ago, I suppose that I had better attend to it.
  1. I am strongly in favour of individual liberty and all the things that go with it; freedom of speech, freedom of association and the like.

  2. As a counterpoint to that, I am strongly in favour of people taking responsibility for their actions and not looking to other entities (including the sodding state) to cushion them from the consequences of their fuck-ups.

  3. I am strongly in favour of free trade because it makes everybody richer. The only fair trade is free trade.

  4. I am strongly in favour of legalising drugs and generally letting people go to hell in their own particular handcart.

  5. I am strongly in favour of booze in general and real ale in particular: this is one of the main reasons that I do not have any plans to emigrate. And for anyone who points out that the Americans also brew beer—I know, I've tried a number of them and they were all shit.

  6. I am strongly in favour of music including, but not limited to, The Cure (new album in April or May), The Waterboys (a very fine band), James (a great live band; new album on April 7th), The Divine Comedy (witty), Thea Gilmore (new album on 31st March) and, of course, my brother (and his band).

    As a slight cheat (although I could have said that I am in favour of art in general), I am also in favour of great artists, such as Dave McKean.

  7. I am in favour of politicians being honest, forthright and doing very little, as opposed to being immensely corrupt, hypocritical and interfering. Cunts that they are.

Will this do?

I am not going to tag anyone else, but if anyone would like to have a shot at this, please do.

* Do read Dsquared's post: it's excellent. It is however quite long and the conclusion can be summarised, using The Devil's Kitchen Post SummariserTM (patent pending), as follows:
Progressives are rather less pleasant—and yet substantially more dangerous—than a shit sandwich.

I think that it might be a law of nature...


Anonymous said...

Actually, old boy, the Americans brew some rather tasty stuff these days.
You're just not drinking enough.

PS Try not to blog when you're drunk.

anthonynorth said...

I'm most definitely an optimist, and complaining is the way to make things better.

Anonymous said...

"Progressives are rather less pleasant—and yet substantially more dangerous—than a shit sandwich."

I am reminded of Mark Steyn's excellent description of the flawed logic in the make-up on the UN Committee (or somesuch) on Human Rights:

"When you mix a quart of ice cream and a quart of dog shit, the resulting mix tastes more of the latter than the former."

Anonymous said...

DK, you really do like some faggoty-ass music.

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