Thursday, January 03, 2008

Screen sharing in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

One of the very cool features of the new Mac OS 10.5 is the built-in ability to share screens, very easily, with machines on a local network. So effective has been my insidious Mac evangelism that my entire family are now using Apple machines; the down-side, of course, is that many of them are not particularly computer-literate and so it falls to your humble Devil to do the necessary tune-ups.

My mother and my youngest brother both have Macbooks, so I need to sort out their application upgrades from time to time. And, over Christmas at my father's house, I did the requisite checks and upgrades to my brother and step-sister's MacBooks and my father's iMac. Screen-sharing allowed me to do those at my leisure, on my own machine, and sitting in front of a roaring fire with booze clutched desperately in my claws instead of being out in the cold at the top of the house.

Via Daring Fireball, there are several ways in which to enhance the screen-sharing application* and add new features, and this MacWorld article shows you how.

Now I just need to work out the best way in which to form a VPN to my father and mother's houses and then I can do the tune-ups and technical support from the comfort of my own home...

* You can also add some very powerful features to Safari—including pretending to be another browser and being able to view and edit CSS**, etc.—through the Debug menu. This article explains how, but essentially you quit Safari, launch a Terminal window and paste in the following:
defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Then relaunch Safari: you'll find the Debug menu in the top menu, to the right of Help.

** Particularly useful is the Inspect Element feature. Navigate to a webpage, select any part of the page and click the second mouse button (or Control-click): you'll get a contextual menu, the bottom item of which is Inspect Element.

Select this and the window will darken, and another window will pop up with all of the information that you could possibly want for the page, including CSS, HTML, any scripts, etc.; it even shows you the time that each element takes to load.

UPDATE: a classic comment from an Anonymous.
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Well, Anonymous, I see that you were taught English language, grammar and syntax at one of our illustrious state schools—despite the fact that your use of the word "faggot" suggests that you originally hail from the Land of the Free.

As to your charges, yes, I am a capitalist. I must admit that, yes, I also support the creation of job prospects—that are not solely limited to prostitution—in the Developing World. I'm no racist or imperialist and nor do I indulge in coprophilia or man-love, I'm afraid. Still, two out of six isn't too bad for someone of your—obviously painfully limited—education.

I don't know quite what your problem is—apart from your frustration at being so numinously pig-ignorant—but may I recommend that you go suck the rancid scum from Polly Toybee's cunt?


Mike Power said...

Do try and keep up old bean! :)

Devil's Kitchen said...

I am, Mike: I pinched it off you in the first place (although I've had the Debug menu in previous versions of Safari for a few years now)...


Unknown said...

Here's how I use screen sharing:

I am a musician, and use Apple's Logic 8 as my DAW (digital audio workstation) running it on a Mac Mini.

To increase my computing power for particularly complex arrangements, I attach a second Mini to my main Mini via high-speed Ethernet. I run an app called Logic Node on this box; Node is designed to process certain music tracks, while the tracks on which I am actively working are processed on the main Mini. (aka "distributed computing")

So whenever I work on music, I go into the Node mini via Screen Sharing, fire up the Node app, then run Logic and do my recording/composing/arranging on the main Mini.

Very cool! (I play BTW stuff that's best described as a combo of Django, Zeppelin, and Sabbath.)

Anonymous said...

you suck shit you faggot you are a capitalist racist and imperialist and you support the exploitation of the third world shit eating cunt face

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:02 AM. Well, yes, but why beat about the bush?

As a closing point of interst, how does the Third World - which means Africa, solely, these days when everyone else has moved on - get exploited?

Isn't the shoe on the other foot? The "Third World" exploits the First World for billions of pounds of taxpayer money that will never be repaid, will be "forgiven", and go into Swiss unnumbered bank accounts.

The exploitation is all on the other sandal in 2008 and we need to divest ourselves of them and let them, after sixty years of "freedom", find their own way. Judging from commens columns on The Telegraph and blogs, it looks as though everyone's suffering from Africa fatigue and is more than willing to let it have a go wihout our interfering money clouding the scenery.

Personally speaking, I couldn't care less. I look forward with amusement to the Chinese finally taking Africa over,which they are doing by stealth, and why the hell not? They're considerably less forgiving than the West.

JuliaM said...

"...despite the fact that your use of the word "faggot" suggests that you originally hail from the Land of the Free."

No, it just means he/she/it watches US slacker movies all day long on their Playstation 3, while they wait for their dole money to roll in.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried HamachiX?

Apparently the X stands for extreme.

Anonymous said...

Also, do you not mean coprophagia?

Anonymous said...

DK -

So I'm guessing you'd be at the front of the queue for one of these.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What Verity says. PS, apparently European countries (taken together) still invest about five times as much in Africa than China does (I saw it on telly - no link right now).

Also, Anon is not quite clear on the shit point. Sucking or eating?

Anonymous said...

Toynbee hasn't got any rancid scum left in her syphilitic and desiccated minge. Heaven knows what she'll use to write this year's articles!

Roberto Brian Sarrionandia said...

Pfft, Linux has had this for as long as I can remember.

Mike Power said...

Damn you DK, can I never catch you out? My excuse? I'm in mourning. :(

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