Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Promotional promotion

It seems that young Master Worstall has gained yet more recognition, being elevated to what is, surely, one of the highest positions in the land.
I’ve just been appointed as a Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute.

An honour and an ornament, not worthy etc.

The major benefit (and one explicitly intended) is that when approaching a commissioning editor I actually have a handle to use, something to say in response to the inevitable "Well, who are you then?"

Can a peerage be far behind?


chris said...

Depends on how much he is willing to pay. A businessman like Mr Worstall is sure to work out his return on the investment in ermine, it might not be even be worth it.

Traction Man said...

I don't think he can accept a peerage. I shall be thoroughly disgusted if he does. Anyway, he's a resident of Portugal - surely that disqualifies him. We don't need another Lord Ashdown scandal.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Although resident in Portugal, Timmy is, as far as I know, still a British citizen (though I could be wrong).


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