Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The police pay rise again

Ann Widdecombe expresses the opinion that the police do not necessarily deserve their pay rise.
When we read of policemen like PC Chris Roberts, who died on duty on Boxing Day, we are angry both on his family’s behalf and the police’s behalf. But for every PC Roberts there are dozens of stories of the abandonment of the law-abiding by the police, of forces paralysed by political correctness and of a complete lack of any proportionality and common sense.

Exactly. Which is why, in the opinion of your humble Devil, the police can fucking whistle for their pay rise, frankly. They are a bunch of bastards who are utterly unaccountable to those whom they are supposed to protect and they are, to all intents and purposes, fucking useless: they are not delivering value for money as it is, they do not deserve anything more.

According to Tory Home, David Davis disagrees.
If Ann Widdecombe has her doubts they are not being shared publicly by her successor, David Davis. This is the public line from his office:
"The Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has shown disrespect, verging on contempt, for the police. She has cut its pay rise significantly in a cynical deal with the Chancellor – withholding the first three months’ increase. The Police Federation is quite right to ask the Home Secretary to reconsider her behaviour. This is no way to treat our police force. If we were running the Home Office, we would never have got into this position. A Conservative Government would have treated the police fairly, honestly and openly – and with the respect they deserve."

Davis is, of course, simply playing party politics: the Nulabour government is utterly bankrupt—morally and, more pertinently, financially—and they are not in a position to waste a penny. That won't stop them, of course, but Davis has the luxury of not actually having to prove his sincerity.

And the police deserve no respect whatsoever: were I Home Secretary, they would be getting a pay rise of precisely 0% this year. And the next year, and the next year and the year after that until they got the message and started doing their fucking jobs.

I am sure that some police representative will pop up and bitch and whine about how government targets are ruining the job and it's not the poor copper's fault, guv. Yeah?

Fuck you, sunshine. You only decided to protest and consider striking when your personal pockets were being hit: if you realy cared so much about the quality of policing and the evil government targets, perhaps you might have considered striking before now?

But you didn't, so don't give me this shit about you being noble public servants; just like everyone else, you are out to enrich yourselves and not to perform a public service. I have no problem with self-interest, but let's call a spade a spade, OK?

And given that you only give a crap about your own personal enrichment, don't come crying to me when you don't get the cash that you want: you already get fat salaries and gold-plated pensions that you don't deserve and if you don't like it, fuck off and do some other job.

You have had a massive fucking increase in salary over the last ten years and you have not delivered: obviously the carrot doesn't work, so now it'll have to be the stick. You'll get more money when you do a good job and not before. Okay? 'Kay.


Anonymous said...

Problem is, the cops have done exactly the job which their ZanuLabour masters demanded - they've turned the law-abiding citizens into thought-criminals who're terrified of questioning government authority.

We don't actually a true police force anymore - that is to say, we don't have a force dedicated to catching criminals and protecting the property and person of citizens. Instead, since 1997, the police have functioned as an internal security force meant to cow the citizenry into obedience.

In carrying out that job, they have been mightily effective.

Old BE said...

You do know that police officers aren't allowed to speak out? They have to agree to not speak to the media on pain of being fired. That is why they don't complain publicly.

Anonymous said...

sack the police give us all guns and let rip.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

That is why they don't complain publicly.

Except, of course, when they write their own blogs. Or make political statements. Or give credence to Government policy.

Unsworth said...

@ Ed

So, which of these verbose coppers is going to be prosecuted, then? Having 'agreed' not to speak to the media it's quite amazing how much 'speaking' has been going on, innit?

Frankly I agree entirely with DK. I'm utterly pissed off with the level of self-serving bollocks emanating from our police 'service'.

Next it'll be all that crap about cops being in mortal danger from the crims out there on the streets. In our area the only crims the cops get to see are those on the box whilst they're ensconced in their offices.

But yes, they do get out on the street every now and then. I've actually seen them walking whilst making the death-defying and difficult traverse of the pavement from the area car to the free counter in MacDonalds. Sometimes they even need to park on the double yellow lines outside in case the journey is too arduous.

Anonymous said...

Mitch - Why "give" you all guns? Buy your own gun, and fight for your right to own it. As the Americans do.

It's not easy. In many states, the right to bear arms is constantly picked at by liberal holier-than-thou practitioners.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a cop and left in 1987.

It used to be the case that an ordinary plod could not talk to the press in an offical capacity without prior clearance from their superiors and you really could lose your job over it.

However, go and read a few coppers blogs and you will find that they are even more unhappy than the general public about how bad things have become. They know first hand how bad it really is, something the general public are shielded from. Such discourse is "fair comment" as they are not doing it in an offical capacity.

Notice however that all the blogs are annonymous.

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with DK. For a while I was willing to accept the received wisdom that the imposition of halfwitted 'liberal' fascists as chief constables was the problem but, clearly, decisions on the ground are routinely being taken on 'progressive' political grounds.

To the vastly inflated levels of police pay, of course, we have to add the usual absurdly inflated civil service pensions, and, particularly in the case of the police, the suspicion that 'sick pay' is regarded as a legitimate perk, by far too many.

Check you council tax bills and see just how much the 'persons in blue' are costing these days. It is, by no stretch of the imagination, any sort bargain.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more DK.

The police should go on strike. The public would support them if they also went on strike for the right to do the job they are payed so well to do.

After all, who on earth would miss them?

Not the law abiding citizen thats for sure, problem is the police now know this to be the case.

An interesting fact of life is that all serious crimes are carried out by a tiny 0.025%-0.05% of the population. So by implication even less if the ones that were caught where given life or close to life prison sentences.

However the biggest crooks are politicians and lawyers so no chance of this, our revolving door judicial scam system, will ever stop spinning.

What a deliberatly constructed fucking mess, this place and the rest of the world is?

Anonymous said...

Nice one DK. You never see coppers in my area, except once a year, when a pair of them will stroll down the High Street, chatting and laughing, oblivious to the locals.
Why do they have to be in PAIRS?
They carry radios and they are armed to the teeth.
I agree with you; unless they change their lazy, cowardly ways - fuck em.

Anonymous said...

I know i am totally in the world of fantasy with this one, but VERITY.

You are currently living in the USA, correct me if I am wrong. So don't take a such a cocky dick/pussy attitude. Its not completely our fault we now live in an even more crazy fascist country then you do.

If would be a great idea for the state to buy the hand guns for several reasons.

The purchase of over 20 million of the things should attract a considerable discount.

If the government pays for them WE ARE in reality paying for them anyway.

They should all be of a low energy low diameter. So to reduce the instances of them causing death.

Each gun could then be registered to its owner and a 'fingerprint' made of each guns first bullet so that the cops would know who the gun was registered to, if it was ever used.

If the state gave us the guns then a fight to have and keep them would have already been won. So I don't understand your argument

Anonymous said...

I don't understand yours either, Atlas.

Why would the state buy hand guns for the citizenry to fight the state? Such way lies madness.

Don't forget, the right to bear arms in the United States is to give the citizenry protection against an over-mighty government. Which is what we have in Britain. (Getting to kill burglars and intruders is lagniappe.)

When the citizens are armed, an uprising is always possible. That thought sends a cold shiver down the spine - if they have one - of governments - especially socialist governments. George Bush, a genuine Republican, has always been fine with it. (I believe it was during his unprecedented two terms of the Governor of Texas that he signed a bill to allow Texans to "carry concealed". Before, if you were carrying a gun outside your home, it had to be visible - as on the dashboard of your car or on the seat next to you, etc. But Texans made the very rational argument that every criminal carries concealed, so the citizen was at a disadvantage. The Texas Senate saw the sense in this argument, so now you can carry your gun in your briefcase or your purse - or in your beehive hairdo if you're Amy Winehouse.

Regarding fighting criminals, even under the Conservatives (aka the "centre left")no way is the state going to cede this right. When only the state is in power over law and order, the citizens are supplicants. And that's the way governments like it. Except in Texas, Colorado, New Hampshire and around 40 other states where the citizens have fought for, and retained, their right to keep guns over a long period of time.(Loaded. I love it!) Once that right is gone, as these folks are only too aware, you will never get it back.

Trust me, Atlas, no state in the world is going to give you guns.

anthonynorth said...

I'd hope the average copper still has a sense of duty to the public, but you're right. They've totally lost their way, lost commonsense, and lost their humility when dealing with the non-criminal public.
Sack the commissars, get the bobbies back on track, and they'd deseve their pay rise.

Anonymous said...

Suits us if they take your advice. More UK coppers will then move to Aus, or NZ or Canada where we will use them to plug the gaps in our police force. Ours works, you see, because it has half-decent leaders. The pommy cops will be happy because they will be doing what they joined the police to do. The UK will sink deeper into the mire because whining and scapegoating the guy in front of you, instead of the guys at the top is all you seem capable of doing over there. It hasn't worked for the last 50 years so why don't you lot find another tactic?

Anonymous said...

The police cannot talk to the media? Great, when does Richard Brunstrom, the self-publicising clown from North Wales, get fired? I have switched on the radio twice in the last three months and he has been on Radio 4 expressing his opinion that all drugs should be legalised.

Hookers And Gin said...

If they were to ever go on strike, I can see them stood outside the station around a brazer, along with a 'Honk if you support us' sign. Meanwhile, a blackleg is 100 yards down the road, handing out tickets for improper use of a horn.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:58 said: "More UK coppers will then move to Aus, or NZ or Canada where we will use them to plug the gaps in our police force. Ours works, you see, because it has half-decent leaders."

The Victorian police force in Australia must be the most corrupt of any in a western democracy. It has close links to organised crime and has been implicated in the deaths of informers. There are also corruption issues in other states, including NSW, WA and Queensland.

Coppers are self-serving bastards wherever they are.

JuliaM said...

"When we read of policemen like PC Chris Roberts, who died on duty on Boxing Day, we are angry both on his family’s behalf and the police’s behalf..."

Why..? All the indications are, though the inquest has yet to be held, I think, that he died of natural causes - heart disease. It could have happened in the police canteen or car park.

Not that that stopped the police arresting the man they were originally arresting for assault for murder!

Wonder what the outcome would hae been if it had been HIM who collapsed from heart disease? Would one of the on-the-spot coppers have arrested his colleagues?

No, didn't think so....

Anonymous said...

How is it always the female officers who are first to arrive at an armed incident. Could it be that they do not have the experience of their male colleagues and do not know when to hang back?

Anonymous said...

I thought that what they were annoyed about was the Home Sec going against the deal agreed in arbitration - the police are bound by arbitration but the government aren't.

That does seem unfair to me. The argument about whether they should have a pay rise is a different one I think.

Anonymous said...

ive been inspired by these comments to go give some speeding fines out. bring in performance related pay i say! drop your fag ends dole scum, ill bring you in for litter!pyllau

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 01:54 certainly could be a copper. With his/her 0 out of 10 grammar, what other job could they do? If you are indeed a self-serving, parasitical, useless piece of filth, what is your definition of performance? Being a Grade A cunt (all coppers qualify), contributing to bringing criminals to justice (no coppers qualify) or being the biggest lying twat in defence of a fellow bastard?

JuliaM said...

Good to know he/she/it is inspired only by blog comments to do the bloody job they are employed to do.

Wouldn't want it to be down to pride,, or something like that... ;)

Anonymous said...

To any police officers listening - you and your like deserve a 0% pay increase this year and every year, until the time comes when you start doing your job to protect the public from scum. If you actually gave a shit about the public you'd have gone on strike for the supposed reasons that are 'holding you back from doing the job you'd like to do', rather than just not getting as much as you'd like this year. And let's not forget - your average copper is a bit of a thick twat and the amount he earns is pretty damn good in proportion to his intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Nice site - NOT...It seems I have come into a website where the average IQ is that of a piece of poo...they even sware on this site..yeh hardcore or what.....hahahahaha.

Most Police Officers work hard and like most jobs in this world its the few that bring it all down. Most people who moan about the Police tend to have good reason...they got nicked or had a ticket recently.....:>0

Very narrow minded comments which make this country a complete £$%^ hole with run down estates at every corner and chavs running the way thats not the Police's fault its yours for not trying harder in getting jobs and bringing up your kids.

The UK is a disgrace and like so many I'm looking to emigrate...shame your hard earned taxes paying for my training here to Police another country....mmmm I think I choose Perth Aus nice and warm..thanks again for all your support.

Oh by the way as you can gather I am a copper and am happy with my pay for last year was £41,240...little bit of overtime with some rent allowance and good basic pay....oh I get a nice £100K plus lump sum and £25k for the rest of my its a big thank you from me to you...:>)..oh by the way pulled a man from a burning car then had to tell him that his daughter and wife were killed in the same car later last week..any of you self opinionated types done that lately...mmmmm thought not..anyway carry on talking bollocks thats what democracy is all about Love YaXX :>)

Devil's Kitchen said...

I'm very glad to see that the police are maintaining their standards by hiring illiterates...


Anonymous said...

Is one not amused....takes more than perfect school boy grammar to Police a community...and yes I got a C in english and proud of it too.

When you get down to it I get pissed off with people making comments about policing when they have no idea of what really goes on and the shit I have to leave at work. It is hard work, bullies are rife and so is old school sweep it under the carpet attitudes, however there is not a company in the UK where this doe not take place...we all earn our money no matter our background and all deserve recognition.

It is a fact though most people who really dig there heels in re policing being crap generally have fallen foul of the law....

Keep attacking but not the good people who generally care about what they never know when you really need one of us good ones to save your ass.


Devil's Kitchen said...

As it happens, I have not fallen foul of the law (I'm not a motorist).

I am also aware that many policemen -- I am prepared to believe that it is the vast majority, in fact -- are decent people trying to do a good job in difficult circumstances.

However, many of your leaders are authoritarian cunts who -- if they aren't actively lobbying the government for more powers -- are busy over-enthusiastically enforcing some of the ones that they already have. And most people's perception is that those laws that they are enforcing are not the important ones.

The police have lost the support of the people: they are now seen as agents of the state, not the upholders of the law and protectors of the citizens that Robert Peel urged them to be.

Whether or not this perception is true is irrelevent: the fact that I can write something like the above and have the vast majority agree with me shows that the police have failed in their duty.


Anonymous said...

"my pay for last year was £41,240...little bit of overtime with some rent allowance and good basic pay....oh I get a nice £100K plus lump sum and £25k for the rest of my its a big thank you from me to you...:>)..oh by the way pulled a man from a burning car then had to tell him that his daughter and wife were killed in the same car later last week..any of you self opinionated types done that lately...mmmmm thought not"

I was a soldier (for 5 years)who saw more than my fair share of mates killed and I was a fireman (pensioned off after 10 years through arthritis) so I've pulled my fair share of casualties out of various situations. For the last 10 years have worked in the NHS as a registered practitioner in an operating theatre, and I must say that the amount you paramilitary bullying fascist bigots get paid is an insult to every member of all the professions I've mentioned above. My wife has given 30 years to the nursing profession, has responsibility for 25 operating theatres, their staff and the patients, and gets 28000 a year, no rent allowance, up to 60 hours a week at work. No wonder coppers are despised. Try getting a job where you earn your money.

Anonymous said...

To all those knocking the Police including the clown who started this thread I have a question for you - when the druggie who lives next door to you breaks in to your shitty council house and steals your beloved plasma tele that you are paying off over 15 years on finance what you gonna do? turn thr free heating up and sob into your stella or ring the police to help you out?
I do hope you live in my area so when I get the call, as we regularly do, I can turn up and tell you to fuck off.

By the way your taxes you pay have just part funded my new porsche boxster. Thanks everyone!
(sorry, my mistake you dont pay tax do you...)


Anonymous said...

how right you are anon above...the majority of people who are first to criticse the police are always th first to call them when 'kevin' has beaten the shit out of them again or their uncontrollable drug dealing kids have taken another kicking...sort it out

Anonymous said...

Much as I respect (ex)soldiers, teachers, nurses, doctors and anyone else trying to keep this country from becoming increasingly alike to a giant shitty dole queue housing estate, Police do deserve a decent wage.

They cannot strike, cannot publically speak their mind representing their constabulary, have a toothless-tiger of a federation representing them, have countless restrictions placed upon personal life, are at the beck and call of the job and must return to work when ordered, deal with an enormous amount of paperwork that would make any hardworking manager stressed and then go out and police communities that don't respect them.

Not happy with the Police? Blame the government, not the majority of hard-working, caring Police Officers who have their hands bound and have to comply with all the ridiculous demands made of them. I would suggest anyone who disagrees look beyond all the animosity they may feel and take the time and effort to read the Police Officers blogs. Even some of the thick bastards who posted above may learn something.

Anonymous said...

You think cops were pissed off - well all hell is about to break loose. Work to rule with prisoners walking out of custody blocks because there will be no cops to deal...and that's just the start. The Great British public think cops are shit, well quite frankly the Government will have to protect it's own back. how many cops will leave - loads a how many cops will emigrate to Aus where they got a 17% payrise - loads and they are about to recruit! So the devil with his colourful language wants a war on cops - well fuck me he has fucken got one!!

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