Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Noreen on Batshit

It is not often that politics graces the sweary pages of Emerald Bile, so I feel that this comment should be celebrated.
Bollocks—the internet is for porn and shopping, but even if you were concerned that other people might think you were going off to learn Sanskrit, join in on the economist forum or read David Milliband's blog, using a double article just isn't going to make you look more down to earth, it is simply going to make you look like an almighty chopper. And don't get me started on David Milliband—he's a fucking anus. Anybody even thinking of looking at his blog should be shot through the hole.

I wonder if looking at his blog only so that one can fisk, in fine detail, Batshit's tedious fucking wonk-speak is a mitigating factor...?


Surreptitious Evil said...

No, sorry. It would just lead to the tedious Guido / Dale thing but between the Miliwonk and? Who?




Anonymous said...

You can find some sycophantic gems, like this one:

"18 December 2007 16:04 Tom McVey wrote:
re: Big Deal At Bali
Thanks David for the blog. And Bali is good news, if just a beginning.

Back more than 15 years ago, you were a speaker at a meeting of Cambridge Labour Students went you were still at the IPPR: I asked you a few questions, and afterwards you asked me my degree subject (it was engineering). You looked mildly surprised, gave me your card, and told me to give you a call as the IPPR was expanding. Figuring that the IPPR probably didnt' have any money, and being sick of student poverty and needing a job that paid money, I never called you back.

I only kick myself in the arse once a week for that mistake."

Tom would clearly liked to have added, "but I'll lick your arse everyday, David, if you'd only contact me and give me a job."

I can't help feeling that engineering would be the winner if the Militosser did give the little suck up a job.

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