Monday, January 07, 2008

A nice pint of draft Devil

Meandering over the blogs, as one does of a morning, I stumbled across a post by Robert Sharp—a nice chap with whom I had a few drinks over the Fringe when he recognised me, sitting outside the Bedlam—on draft posts and what to do with them.
Meanwhile, I notice a recent post from Michelle, highlighting a very 21st Century dilemma: What to do with all the draft blog posts, lying around unloved and unpublished? She suggests that the titles themselves are interesting in themselves, and her mix is certainly quite eclectic.

Indeed. Still, this inspired me to check how many draft posts I had.

64. 64 draft posts? I thought that I had, maybe, twenty. At the outside. What, then, should I do with them?

I suppose that it rather depends why your posts end up as drafts in the first place. Mine usually ended up there because I had to go to a meeting, or do some work, and by the time I had a chance to finish them, something else had irritated me and I had moved on to calling someone else a cunt. Others were subsumed into longer, more developed posts.

However, some have the germ of good ideas in them or at least some still-relevent comment so I think that I shall start sorting through them; whilst I shall delete those that are no longer relevant, I shall finish and publish the ones that are worthy.

I shall put FROM THE DK DRAFT ARCHIVES, and the original date, at the top in order that you might be warned and forgive some of the less polished writing or underdeveloped politics. I shall also mark where any large bulk of more recent text starts.

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anthonynorth said...

DK,I think you've just invented the 'silly season' for the blogosphere.
Great idea to keep a blog going when there's little politics.

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