Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More illiberal crap from CiF

Are you surprised? Not I. This time the fresh turds are dropping from the keyboard of one Anthony Giddens, "a Labour peer and the author or editor of 40 books" and, as a former Director of the LSE, the fuckwit's fuckwit.

Anthony is creaming his pants at the thought of all the restrictions we "must" put in place in the near future, the devious little cunt.
The climate change bill is currently going through parliament and thankfully it has a wide measure of cross-party support.

What? You mean that all of the politicians want to further restrict the freedom of the individual and thus gain more power for themselves, as well as massaging their egos as saviours of the world?

Well, what a fucking surprise that is; I would never have seen that coming, eh?
Britain will be the first country in the world to set itself legally binding targets for step-by-step reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Let me rephrase that for you, Giddens: "Britain will be the first country in the world to set itself legally binding targets for reducing freedom, fucking the economy and snooping into people's lives and all in the name of A FUCKING MYTH.

Setting targets, however, is one thing - achieving them will be a truly formidable task, whose implications run through almost all of our institutions.

Well, actually, the EU has set certain targets and Gordon Brown has been advised that even those are nigh on impossible to meet. Our government, with its usual propensity to gold-plate any loony Directive lobbed its way, has done something similar. All that the political elites have done is to set targets that are even more utterly unachievable than the EU's are.

And legally binding on whom, exactly? Are the government going to prosecute themselves if they fail to make those targets? Funny as I'd find that—despite the inevitable massive waste of taxpayers' money—I can't see it happening somehow.

And if you mean that NuLabour is trying to bind successive Parliaments, then that goes against one of the central tenets of our constitution. These people are not fit to run a fucking whelk stall, let alone a country (leaving aside that they should not even be attempting to micromanage an entire country anyway).

And what happens if when the whole AGW theory is shown—so obviously that even the politicians cannot ignore it—to be the huge pile of steaming bullshit that it actually is? Are we still going to be bound by these targets. You, sir, are a fucking cunt: why don't you go and shoot yourself in front of your family?—or, even better, on national TV. I'd watch that.
There will have to be a return to some form of economic planning...

As Timmy says,
You can hear him whimpering with excitement as he wipes the drool off his keyboard after typing that, can’t you?

Because, of course, planned economies have worked so well in the past, haven't they, Anthony? Planned economies are renowned for achieving all of their aims and increasing the sum of human happiness, aren't they just? Fucking hell, Giddens, but you're a cunt.

This man was a Director of the London School of Economics? No wonder it's such a fucking Leftie shithole; no wonder that, with a few honourable exceptions, it churns out stupid arseholes.
... given the timescales involved; technological innovation will be crucial, but so also will lifestyle change. Unless people alter some core aspects of their daily habits, we have no hope of reaching the climate change goals.

This is the point, Giddens, you dangerous little arse: we have no hope of reaching those goals anyway. Now fuck off.

Go fuck yourself and then hang yourself, you hideous excuse for a human being.


Anonymous said...

He will change his fuckin tune when he is the one walking about when our dear leaders whizz by in their rolls royces, he only talks this vomit because he thinks he will be at the bodily gangrene is too good for that rusty rectal probe.

Anonymous said...

It's 'Giddens', not 'Giddins'.

Otherwise, carry on.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I am assuming you didn't already know - I suspect you would have had hysterics if you did - but Giddens invented the Third Way. Blair considered him a bit of a God.

Just another reason to dislike the man!

Devil's Kitchen said...


Thanks for that: duly changed. That'll teach me not to check...


Really? The man's even more of a failed cunt than I thought.


Anonymous said...

"technical innovation" and "more economic planning" are absolutely incompatible. You can have one or the other. I suspect he'll choose the latter.

Shug Niggurath said...

Targets currently being set in the Scottish Parliament... an 80% reduction in 'emissions' by 2050, apparently the highest target set by any country anywhere in the world.

So that's the SNP line on it then. Be even more craven than the UK parliament.

They don't tell us what they plan to do to get the targets reached, but I'm thinking that it'll likely involve the colonies.

Anonymous said...

The Cartoon of Ali Gore is rather amusing too:

Katy Newton said...


Speaking as, I hope, another "honourable exception" to the rule...

... actually I have nothing to say, I just wanted to point out that I graduated from there too.


So there.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Benn said:
"So our aim is for traditional 150W light bulbs to be phased out by January next year (ie Jan 2008), 100W bulbs the year after (Jan 2009), 40W the year after that and all high-energy light bulbs by 2011.

Buy yours before the government stops you.

Anonymous said...

Katy Newton

Very clever of you, maybe.

However it would have been nice, if you could have given us a little insight as to why almost all of the rest of the graduates are either brainwashed evil fascists or just simply inexcusably evil fascists?

Working of cause on the assumption that communism and fascism are in reality very much the same things.

I think if you do some research as to where the LSE's spare cash comes from. You might gain a clue.

Katy Newton said...

Er. What?

I was just pointing out to DK that one of his co-writers (me, in case you didn't realise) also graduated from the LSE and would have appreciated being included in the list of exceptions to the rule. Perhaps he doesn't think I am.

Tony Giddens was director of the LSE whilst I was there and he was and remains a fuckwit, as are the vast majority of people regardless of where they graduated from or whether they graduated at all, but it's a bit of an overstatement to say that everyone who graduated from the LSE is a "brainwashed evil fascist". Why, that's almost like suggesting that everyone who went to Eton is an inbred chinless wonder...

Katy Newton said...

OK I am slightly mollified.

The Sage of Muswell Hill said...

katy newton/atlas shrugged

As another graduate of the LSE, I'm not at all mollified. When I was there (early 60s) we had both Karl Popper and Michael Oakeshott on the faculty - not noted lefties. LSE had also recently had Hayek as a faculty member. Mind you, also when I was there, Ralph Miliband (father of the present Foreign Secretary) was peddling his meretricious nonsense to credulous idiots both within the Socialist Society and beyond.

That somebody like Giddens could be selected to be Director of the LSE is a comment on the then crap governors of the institution (chaired at the time by, I believe, Lord Grabiner - a close associate of Mr Blair) rather than the institution itself. Although LSE had/has a reputation as a left-wing paradise (oxymoronic I know but you get the notion) it has had a consistent and free-flowing anti-authoritarian output from its economics and politics faculties (eg Merton Miller, Ronald Coase, Popper etc).

OTOH Giddens is a second class, although widely celebrated (not mutually exclusive in his line of work), academic. His "expertise" lies in a particularly abstruse area of sociology. (Despite its claims, the idea of sociology - like homeopathy - as a scientific pursuit is risible.) Unsurprisingly, he was asked by the BBC to give the 1999 Reith Lecture which was in part a rambling and deeply unconvincing (to those in possession of common sense and a sceptical frame of mind) exposition of the Third Way (or some such crap). Although the following quote is from his Wikipedia entry (which might not be 100% accurate) it nevertheless gives a faithful flavour of Giddens' thought on our future as realised through following his nostrums "Such a future has at its centre a more socialized, demilitarised and planetary-caring global world order variously articulated within green, women's and peace movements, and within the wider democratic movement." And this is the man who, arguably, has had more influence with our present rulers (and our possible alternative rulers) than anybody else.

Katy Newton said...

I was saying to DK yesterday that funnily enough at the time I was there (mid-late 90s) LSE had the strongest right-wing/libertarian presence out of all the London campuses.

Anonymous said...

It's worse than a myth. It's a fucking fairytale.

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