Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Via Mike Power, this year's Mac Heist is bigger and better than ever. Ten small developer applications that add decent functionality to your Mac (there are a few there that I can see myself using every day).
The MacHeist bundle is back!

Last year's bundle caused a frenzy in the Mac community, selling over 16,000 copies in a week. This year, we're setting our sights a little higher, with a larger bundle, a two week sale, and what we believe to be a stronger collection of apps. Simply put, this is the best Mac software deal in history.

Besides, ten applications—with a separate retail price of $343.79—which you can buy for a mere $49 seems to be pretty damn good value to me...


Anonymous said...

Do they pay you for these posts?

Anonymous said...

I think the shares he has in Apple preclude any need for renumeration, the lucky bastard.

Devil's Kitchen said...

No, no payment, alas (although I'd put on a disclaimer is they did). However, I know that I have a number of Mac-using readers, so I provide it merely as information. I think it's a good deal, so I thought I'd pass it on.

And I didn't put my usual "I own Apple shares" disclaimer on, since it is not directly related to Apple products.


Anonymous said...

Ten apps, wow. One swallow a summer does not make, or even ten. But I guess it's a start.

And frenzy is the Mac community's default position, as evinced by some of your posts! :-)

Just keeping you in check, you understand, I'm a Mac user too.


Anonymous said...

PS Your non-Apple point above is well-made. It's crucial for the widespread success of a platform that there are *plenty* of third party apps coming out. Thus the ten swallows thing. Sorry, I'll go now.


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