Tuesday, January 29, 2008

LSE sabbaticals break charity law?

Back in October, we met two of the London School of Economics' sabbatical officers, who had written a somewhat anti-Israeli letter.
As Matthew [Sinclair] points out, the tone of the letter—signed by Students' Union General Secretary, Fadhil Bakeer Markar, and Mature & Part Time Students Officer, Ziyaad Lunat—is inflammatory and partisan.

Dear Fadhil is once more in a bit of hot water but, this time, his accomplice is not Ziyaad Lunat but Ruhana Ali, Education and Welfare Sabbatical. Matthew Sinclair has the details.
Remember Fadhil Bakeer Markar? He was last seen on this blog sending an inflammatory and highly biased letter about Israel to every LSE fresher. Now he's abusing his position again, this time in support of Red Ken. Signing a letter to the Guardian with not just his own name but also that of the LSE Students' Union. This is an abuse of his position and quite possibly a breach of charity law.

Indeed it is. Although it is not available online, Matthew has the full text of the article which appears in the LSE's Student Newspaper, The Beaver.

Do go and read the whole thing, which also lays out allegations of censorship and other shady dealings by Markar.

As I said last time, perhaps some other LSE students might like to ask their representatives some more pertinent questions...?


Anonymous said...

Student union political place holders are usually virulently "lefty" ie evil totalitarian, authoritarian statists. Fortunately most students take no notice of them whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

My own student union was memorably described by a Professor as 'a bunch of blind, deaf, Jewish, gay, Labour-voting gibbons leading a bunch of morons'. Clearly some vitriol there!

Fortunately their charity status is now up and they're having to hold a referendum to continue - we can but hope they'll be abolished and the extortionate amount of money they extract from the University gets spent on useful things, like teaching.

PS - why the name change?

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