Friday, January 11, 2008

The line is... where?

The Line Is Here is an excellent new libertarian (as far as I can tell) US blog; I have been meaning to plug them for some days, but there are just so many posts that I want to flag up that I'll need to stagger them. But I particularly love this turn of phrase, not least because it echoes much of my thinking.
Ted and I often wonder what happened to Britain. There was a time when the sun never set on British soil (not that I’m advocating colonialism, mind you…unless we’re speaking of the Moon and Mars), this was a people made of iron, forged in centuries of conflict. We can only assume that the rest of Europe (I’m talking to you France and Belgium) has worn them down to the nubbins they are today.

Come back, Britain! We need you!

What we have lost is our sense of pride. In a comment on this post (in which their has been a heated debate on whether or not Britain should apply to be a US state), I said the following...
I have as little interest in becoming a state of the US as I have in becoming a state of the EU. The former might be marginally better, but it is still a defeatist attitude.

The idea that world's fifth largest economy and third largest trading nation need to be subjugated to any other large powerbloc is, frankly, pathetic.

What we do need to do is to destroy our corrupted Parliamentary system that has quite deliberately sapped the will of the people in order to gain power, and to rip out the Welfare State, the tool of said subjugation.

We need to teach the history of our great inventors, eccentrics, scientists and explorers in our schools, so that our children might understand why this tiny, rainy little island on the north west tip of Europe became the most powerful nation in the world.

And then we need to reject the pissy ambitions of the EU Soviet, reconnect with (and apologise to) the rest of the Anglosphere that we sold down the river when we joined the EU (we could dig up and dismember Heath's body and send the various bits to be exhibited in gibbets in the major cities of this land, pour encourager les autres) and stand once more on the world stage as a free nation.

We are the instigators of one of the most widely formed alliance of countries in the world -- the Commonwealth -- and our head of state is still the head of that group. The idea that we would be isolated were we to leave the EU is just horseshit.

Fuck the US and fuck the EU: those who want us in the EU and those who suggest that we become a US state are both as tragically misguided and cowardly as each other.

Fuck it: we are Britain and we are Great. Get off your knees and be proud of this nation.

Now, let's go hang ourselves some politicos: bagsy the head of the civil service...

Any questions?


anthonynorth said...

I actually agree with about 90% of that.
You've forgotten to mention that much of our greatness was our ability to compromise.

Anonymous said...

The door of the head of the Civil Service already has your name on it and from your office, you will be able to survey, with satisfaction, your much diminished public sector kingdom.

But the socialists have spent 1l years destroying your means to revolt. That's the problem. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are gone, so you have no avenues of dissent available to you. The Code Napoléon looms. The cameras are everywhere, as George Orwell predicted with such stunning prescience.

We used to think the Poles were so bright, but how could they willingly sign up to the Soviet Union Mark II? It is amazing. And how did the vicious Blair manage to undermine a thousand years of democracy in a mere 10, with no dissent? How easily cowed the press were and how ably assisting in that cowing was the BBC - funded by extortion.

It has been a remarkable time. Simply remarkable. Blair has trashed an entire country and scampered on to earn large amounts of cash while he waits to be declared the unelected president of the dump known as the EU.

Anonymous said...

Yar, US small-l libertarians. And thanks for the love, DK!

anthonynorth said...

Blair has managed to smash everything good about this country because he sees a globalised world, where nation states play no part.
Essential to this form of globalisation is the power of the multi-nationals, controlling economies, and building a corporate world where we are all consumer serfs, living in a world of sameness.
The way to get back the nation state is to use new tech to create a new form of smaller business ethic, thus releasing the political elite from multi-national influence.
As to that political elite, the problem lies in the political party, and the career politician. What we need is to bring back the idea of the independent MP, not tied to the Whips, and thus subverting the power of the parties.

Little Black Sambo said...

Why doesn't EVERYBODY agree with this? What is there not to agree with? And yet this point of view would be generally regarded as lunatic. It is a great mystery.

Anonymous said...

"It is a great mystery.". Not really, because the 1% of the population who don't believe it are in charge. In charge of the media, of government. They use this power to relentlessly push the same message.

Harry J said...

Tremendous stuff DK. Bagsy Ken Livingstone.

anthonynorth said...

The whole point is that not everyone believes this because there are different points of view.
If people don't accept that, then we're in trouble no matter what 'system' is in place.

Old BE said...

To be fair it wasn't Blair that started the rot. The 45 Labour government started us down the road to welfare-serfdom and from there on in it was easy for the politicians to consolidate their power.

Blair was the worst but couldn't have done what he did without his predecessors.

Unknown said...

The reason why *everybody* doesn't agree with this is that in Scotland, Nothern Ireland and Wales the Labour Party has spent years blaming anything they don't approve of on "nasty English Tories".

Added to an already existing tendency in the Celtic fringes to blame every problem on the English and you find the classic "Divide and Rule" has worked out a treat.

They're trying to break up England into EU Regions now. Stuff it. Time for independence for ENGLAND. "Great Britain" may have had its day, but England can still be reborn!

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