Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Libertarian Party goes live

The UK Libertarian Party website is now live. At present, it consists mainly of polemics designed merely to set out the party's stall.
The Libertarian Party exists as a voice for all who cry "Enough!", but find their words go unheard. Our aim—and we will succeed, with your help—is to put government back in its rightful place; as a servant of our people, rather than our master.

However, more concrete ideas and policies are promised in the coming weeks: this is, as it were, merely an opening salvo.

If, however, you want to get involved in policy-making, general discussion and cat-herding, you can register on the Libertarian Party Forum. This is where most of the exciting stuff is happening, so wander over and introduce yourself...


knirirr said...

Did they have to say "Seventeen Million People Can't Be Wrong"?

Anonymous said...

Signed up at forums and posted a bit about myself there. Looking forward to the discussion over there!

Anonymous said...

I wish they hadn't misspelled its.

Illiterate usage doesn't implant a image of competence.

Nevertheless, I wish them Godspeed.

Devil's Kitchen said...


"I wish they hadn't misspelled its."

Whereabouts is that? So that I can... er... let them know.


Anonymous said...


I claim the prize, you are Genghis Pinko Khan!

(See Guido today ;-)

Anonymous said...

DK- Just for your reference, so you can let them know, in the white box at the top, there's a phrase reading: is to put government back in it's rightful place;".

John Trenchard said...

i like the way you have explicitly targeted the non-voters.
you might be onto something there.

Unknown said...

Libertarian Party is a significant and influential political party of the United States which was founded in the year 1971. It is the third biggest U.S. political party which is very much active till date and has more than 200,000 registered voters under its banner.For the 2008 elections, some of the members who have been nominated from the party include-Ed Thompson, Bob Jackson, George Phillies, Christine Smith, Steve Kubby, Alden Link, Jim Burns, Dan Imperato, Robert Milnes and Dave Hollist among others. All these candidates of the Libertarian Party are strong contenders for the post of next U.S. President.

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