Monday, January 14, 2008

Let me Council you...

Today, the Taxpayer's Alliance held a protest in sympathy with Rick Stratton, who went to court in order to try to stop Hertsmere Council from charging him Council Tax on an unused property.
Our morning began in a rather sinister fashion. Literally as soon as we left the station, we were met by a couple of police officers (see left). Apparently they got a tip off from someone about the protest and it ‘necessitated’ a continuous police presence throughout. What rubbish! The police surely have better things to do than marshal a dozen activists politely protesting against the injustices handed out by the greedy state. Needless to say, passers by were less than amused that we were being monitored by the police, which brought us even more attention and support.

In another shocking twist, Rick told us after his case was heard that the court had switched judges at the last moment, apparently aware of the protest outside. As they gave no reason why, we can only assume the first judge would have seen sense and rectified the huge bill imposed by Hertsmere Council. Moreover, the court authorities barred a journalist from the Hendon Times from sitting in on the proceedings. So first they had the police on permanent surveillance of our protest, next they conducted the proceedings in secret. Some democracy...

Quite. Naturally, Mr Stratton lost his case and will now have to find a massive lump sum (he estimates some £10,000) as the Council will not even let him pay in installments.
So, pay your council tax, year on year—no matter how much it goes up—or the council take your house! It’s that simple and ruthless.

Hang them. Hang them all.

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