Monday, January 21, 2008

Knock me down with a feather!

I am as surprised, and gratified, as Perry de Havilland that Ron Paul came second in the Nevada Republican primary.
The news from Nevada (via the LA Times) is so stunning that, well, I am stunned!

Ron Paul ran second behind Mitt Romney. What can I say? I am a life long Libertarian. I am not used to getting this close to the winners circle!

I am, however, prepared to adjust my expectations, should that become necessary.

OK, Romney got 51% and Paul got only 14%, but he beat the other candidates.

Hope for us libertarians, or just a blip?


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Well no one else Republican bothered to campaign in Nevada as its not worth that many electoral votes. It will be interesting to see how he does on super Tuesday.

Thud said...

I drove across Nevada from utah to California a week or so ago...every town seemed to have Ron Paul billboards on entering and leaving...i havnt seen as many elsewhere...can he speend as big all over?

Roger Thornhill said...

I am happy that Ron Paul got 14%!

Lets see if the mainstream media can keep up their "lalalalala" routine regarding Ron.

Mark Wadsworth said...


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