Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's a reflex

Yet more spin and lies from the stinking cunt known as the Gobblin' King.
But yesterday, Brown was at it again, overtly lying at his press conference, when he said he had no plans to meet David Beckham. A few hours later, there was Beckham's Bentley, pulling into Downing Street for Goldenballs to have a quick chat with the Prime Minister about our World Cup bid.

Technically, a human reflex never actually passes through the brain but is controlled by a ganglion in the spinal cord. And so it is for politicians: their obvious lies don't even pass through the brain.

I hate them all so very, very much.


Anonymous said...


You don't hate them as much as me. I really would impale the cunts if I thought I had a 50/50 chance of getting away with it.

anthonynorth said...

We may hate them, but if they weren't there we'd have to have decent people in politics.
Now wouldn't that be boring.

Anonymous said...

Er ... TECHNICALLY ... the spinal cord is an integral part of the brain. If something gets to the spinal cord then it has already got to the brain.

However, I entirely agree with the sentiment you express.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Sir Henry,

Now, is that true, really? The brain and spinal cord are the (main elements of) central nervous system but they are very definitely classified as two different elements, are they not?

I suppose that the question ask would be, could someone still live without a brain? Or rather, could they think and react to non-reflex stimuli?

Or rather, assuming that a person could still live without a brain, if you tapped 'em on the patellar tendon, would their leg still jerk?


Anonymous said...

Politicians? Spine?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Haha! A class intervention there, Anon...


Anonymous said...


The spinal cord consists mostly of axons from neurones whose bodies are in the brain - like the eyes, the spinal cord is just an extension of the brain - and axons to the brain from the ganglia. Motor signals out, sensory signals in. Some of your neurones are near enough a metre in length.

Might be more convenient to say that they are all part of one system, rather than one organ, but that's just for convenience.

That's very much a simplification, and as such might be misleading.

Really. Check it out.

And politicians are still lying toads.

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