Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is Gordo a corrupt fuck?

Is your humble Devil a wee bit sweary?

Young Dizzy thinks that he may have found some dodgy donations to the Gobblin' King.
Here's an interesting thing, anyone remember the Gordon Brown leadership website domain registrations and Silverfish from early in 2007? Well, why is it that Silverfish do not appear on Brown's Electoral Commission submission as a benefit in kind?

The domain, along with all the others that were originally registered (and Silverfish said they intended to sell) are still registered to Rachel Bull at Silverfish. Also there were quite a few videos on Gordon's campaign website and videos are not free to produce now are they? Who was likely to have filmed them? Couldn't be a production company called Silverfish could it?

Could this potentially mean Brown received non-cash donations above the value of £1000 and he's failed to declare them in his non-cash submissions on the Electoral Commission website? Everyone is so busy looking at Hain's donations and records, perhaps they should be looking at Brown's too?

For sure. And this whole idea that Labour Party members should donate something to the party itself seems to be causing a few problems too.
Guido has checked the Electoral Commission website, his campaign lists 21 donations amounting to £196,700 and 3 non-cash donations totaling £19,005, giving a total of £215,705 altogether.

Under the Labour Party's own rules he must pay 15% of the campaign funds raised into central party funds. Gordon, unlike all the other candidates, has not paid any funds over to the party according to the Electoral Commission. He should have paid £32,355. All the other candidates, including even Peter Hain, made their payments months ago. We know Gordon says he isn't an accountant, but does he have the minimal competence required of a party leader, to ensure his campaign follows the party's own rules? No wonder why he allows Wendy Alexander, Harriet Harman and Peter Hain to cling to office despite their breaking the rules, he is no different...

Quite so. After all, were Gordo not such a fucking corrupt little shit (with, no doubt, a microscopic penis), he would not tolerate such blatant law-breaking in his own Cabinet—after all, let us remember that these people are hand-picked by the One-Eyed King himself. Now, what's the phrase I'm looking for? Oh yes...

... by their friends shall ye know them.


Anonymous said...

Me oh my, nothing about Mr Osborne. Gosh, well I never. You could knock me down with a...etc...etc.

Pogo said...

All the other candidates, including even Peter Hain, made their payments months ago

Interesting... I wonder if his payment included 15% of the hyndred grand he'd "forgotten about".?

Looks like Cameron's going to have to get the knives sharpened as well! Wonderful upstanding bunch our politicos.

Devil's Kitchen said...

"Me oh my, nothing about Mr Osborne."

What about Osborne? Sorry, this one was written late at night and when I was not entirely sober and I haven't had a chance to catch the news...


Anonymous said...

There's a stench around Downing St that's been building up for 11 years and it has become choking and nauseating. Have there ever been two such base inviduals occupying Nos 10 and 11 in our history?

And you can see the toxin of corruption etched in both their faces. You'd see it on the manatee's as well, except she's grossly fat off the taxpayer and you can't etch on fat.

Jon Worth said...

Sorry, but as I posted in the comments on Dizzy's blog, Silverfish registered the domain names, but they did not do the website design. Now it's entirely possible that they *wanted* to do the website design and that's why they registered the domains, but their contribution was for sure less than £1000. So that's a bit of a non-story I'm afraid.

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