Friday, January 25, 2008

Irish spirit

Via The Englishman, here's an inspiring tale.
A millionaire businessman singlehandly fought off three armed burglars after they put a knife to his teenage daughter's throat, he told a court.

Bernard Dwyer, 51, who runs a construction business, said he believed they would all be killed and decided he "would rather die like a man than a dog" defending his family.

Despite being temporarily knocked unconscious and then stabbed three times in the head, he said he became "invigorated" by the sight of the attackers threatening his 13-year-old daughter Aisling.

In a rage he wrestled a gun from the arms of one attacker and then beat and chased the masked raiders from his home.

The Old Bailey heard how the armed trio turned up at Mr Dwyer's luxury home in Uxbridge, west London, a day after battering to death restaurant owner Helen Chung, 65.

The extraordinary bit is that the police seem to have made no attempt to arrest Mr Dwyer for assault or some such. That's very unlike them—what were they thinking?
The burglars fled empty handed in the car they had stolen from Mrs Chung minutes earlier, the jury has heard.

Mr Dwyer was left with broken ribs in the attack as well as 30 cuts to his body and head including a gaping 3cm wound in his thigh.

Dean Atkins, 26, and his brother Michael, 25, are accused of the attack on November 6 2006.

It is claimed the two also murdered Mrs Chung the previous night after she refused to reveal the hiding place of her £218,000 life savings when they broke into her home.

The third man was said to be Joseph Carty, 21, who later hanged himself in prison.

Assuming that Dean and Michael Atkins are guilty, might I recommend that they follow their mate's example and hang themselves? They are blight on the face of society: may they rot in hell.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

I agree. The police have been tardy in not arresting Mr Dwyer for assaulting three men who were going about their business of robbing and bashing people - criminals who should not expect to have members of the public throwing themselves at them.

It's a disgrace.

As I sat in my car in Tesco's the other day I saw two schoolgirls throwing their lunch rubbish into the trees. I decided not to remonstrate with them - give advice about keeping the planet clean etc, and consequently I remain, for the time being, off the sex offenders register.

Fabio said...

Probably the police considered that charging a man who was wounded while resisting three armed attackers who brutally murdered an elderly lady (and a coloured one!) the day before - well, it wouldn't be the smartest propaganda move ever.

Of course, if he used a gun to righteously shoot the three scumbags, he'd be the dangerous criminal now.

Anonymous said...

Well said, devil, well done Mr Dwyer - and up the Irish :)

Anonymous said...

Bernard Dwyer has just become the Left's latest hate figure. Except he hasn't, because he's Irish. Unless he's from Ulster...oh, it's so confusing and exhausting.

Well, here's to you, Mr Dwyer, wherever you are from.

Anonymous said...

"I grabbed the gun and bashed it across the knuckle-duster guy."

Incredible restraint. I'd have blown his f*cking head off, with his mates to follow.

Perhaps that's the reason why the police reluctantly backed away from arresting and prosecuting him - the man's a saint, a prosecution would be suicidal publicity.

Anyway, if Mr Dwyer had been allowed to keep a weapon for self-protection, I imagine the story would have been quite different...

Tomrat said...


If you read the story closer you find that the gun itself was actually a replica pistol and so was merely for show.


The real irony of the message - and probably also the reason why they didn't arrest Dwyer - is contained in the following paragrap in the article on the same manner from this is London (

"Dean Atkins had escaped from Stanford Open Prison in on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, just two days before the attack in Cowley, west London, on November 5, 2006. He was allegedly picked up by his brother and Carty."

Can you imagine adding insult to injury by arresting a man who successfully beat off 3 ATTACKERS, already proven to be capable of murder, and then having to stem the tide of anti-police and justice rhetoric when you have to admit putting an obviously violent man into an OPEN FLIPPING PRISON?!?

Not on my flaming watch mate. Think of the pension...

JuliaM said...

"If you read the story closer you find that the gun itself was actually a replica pistol and so was merely for show."

And the knuckleduster and knife? What were they for..?

Laban Tall has more on these wastes of skin (in fact, he's followed the story for a while):

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago, I was working with a guy from Texas - a small town a couple of hours drive from Houston.

What most people don't realise about the US is that the crime is mostly in the cities - in the town in question the police spend their time looking for something to do....

Anyway, a couple of idiots drove out from Houston to try burglary. My friends moderately distant relative shot them both. The police chief arrived at the scene and explained he would have to take the gun as evidence. At this there was some murmuring from the crowd of friends and family. Being an elected official he considered... then went outside and came back with his personal favourite handgun , which he kept in the glove box of his police cruiser.... an extremely valuable Causal .454 which he left with her.

There was no question of arrest - apparently after the inquest the police chief sent her gun back with a nice printed testimonial in a frame.

Can't quite see this happening in this country. Yet.

flyingrodent said...

The extraordinary bit is that the police seem to have made no attempt to arrest Mr Dwyer for assault or some such. That's very unlike them—what were they thinking?

Probably because the police are actual, live persons rather than fictional concepts existing entirely within the minds of vengeful nutters.

I know I can occasionally fall prey to received wisdom myself, but really.

Anonymous said...

"he became invigorated by the sight of the attackers threatening his 13-year-old daughter Aisling."

threaten an Irishman's daughter and you unleash the hounds of hell itself.....

Anonymous said...

Good on Mr Dwyer. If only he'd been 'invigorated' enough to beat the little scrotem-dwellers to death with a cricket bat he'd have saved the taxpayer a fortune but still, bloody good effort from the chav-bashing Irishman. If I ever meet him I'll buy him a pint.

Anonymous said...

This guy Bernard Dwyer has shown true spirit getting those thugs slung inside, the World needs more Irish Fighting spirit and crime would drop - the scum would be pertified

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