Thursday, January 31, 2008

He's a real Conway man

It seems that Derek Conway will not be putting himself up for reselection at the next General Election; further he is facing suspension (on full pay, I assume) and the prospect of having to repay some £13,000. Oh dear, what a pity, how sad.

The man did at least have the decency to go with a bit of grace though.
I have had tremendous support from my local party, my family and friends but have concluded that it is time to step down. I stand by what I have said in relation to the report by the Commissioner of Standards and do not wish to add to those comments at this time. Since joining the Conservative Party nearly 40 years ago I have had the privilege of serving in public office since 1974 and have done so to the best of my ability.

I have advised the Chief Whip and the chairman of my local Conservative Association that I shall not seek to continue as the Conservative Party Candidate for Old Bexley and Sidcup at the next election. Though not an original supporter of David Cameron for the leadership of my party, I believe that he has shown he has both the ability and the character to be Prime Minister of our country and I do not wish my personal circumstances to be a distraction in any way from the real issues that have to be addressed.

No bitching and whining, no backstabbing or skeleton rattling (as yet, anyway), for which he wins a bit of kudos from me. It doesn't alter the fact that his is a thieving, fraudulent bastard though. But Iain Dale thinks that the spectacle has been unedifying (whereas I, you see, find it highly amusing).
The last forty hours have not shown the Conservative Party in its best light. The baying mob is something I hope not to see again for a very long time. Whatever Derek did or did not do he did not deserve some of the comments that have been thrown his way.

Conway was in a position of trust and he quite deliberately defrauded the taxpayer.

What was it that people were saying about Hain?—"No ifs, no buts", wasn't it? As far as I am concerned, Conway deserves precisely the same comments as any other thief would get from me: whether Labour, LibDem, Tory or ordinary scrote.

I also liked HF's comment at Iain's place.
The baying mob could have been avoided if Conway had had the sense to have announced all this when the report came out.

Of course, Conway wouldn't have needed to announce anything if he had not quite deliberately decided to steal money from the taxpayer so there would have been no baying mob.

Unfortunately, Conway decided to spend other people's money so that he and his family could afford an affluent lifestyle beyond the wildest dreams of most people: fundamentally, the decision that he made when he decided to purloin that cash was what brought out the baying mob.

In his Heffer Confronted video, Iain attempts to justify his friend's actions by using the "administrative errors" defence. Let us assume that this is, in fact, the case; that he was not actively dishonest. Well, that won't cut it, I'm afraid: he is being totally cavalier with our fucking money and so should not be allowed anywhere near it.

Either way, he is theoretically unfit to be a representative of the people; in practice, of course, he fits right in with the rest of the crooks in the Commons.

Last night, I happened to be watching some stuff on the BBC's iPlayer, and happened to catch The Late Edition, in which Marcus Brigstocke absolutely lambasts Conway. I have reproduced the relevent bits below. Do watch it: it's like Brigstocke has been channelling the poor, little Greek boy.



Mark Wadsworth said...

Not good enough, frankly. Resigning his seat immediately, repaying all the money and co-operating fully with the police would be a bit better.

James Higham said...

Well, yes. OK.

The Sage of Muswell Hill said...

If Brigstock's against him, Conway can't be all bad.

Roger Thornhill said...

If you got this from iPlayer it does rather render their 7 days to watch mallarkey rather pointless.

All that Microsoft DRM down the pan. Time they came clean and let it on Macs too.

I suppose you used Vista to get this?

Anonymous said...

Agree with 1st comment, he should go now. Will he face challenge by HMRC as IT contractors have for paying money to a wife according to currently legal rules? Silly me! Of course not, he is a politician.

Anonymous said...

I've no quarrel with your assessment of Conway, DK, but please - please! - don't confront me with a video of Marcus Bigotstock....

Newmania said...

I think I was in a lot more trouble for you for finding all the posturing about betrayal or otherwise a tad gigglesome . It matters not a fuck what he says or does not say methinks . Still , a little vanity is not a capital offence given Iain�s all round tremendous work. I will not hear a word against him !
No no , you may say he is being a bit of a tart but from the deep and abiding affection I bear this great man I could not join in the baying .
Further hysterical Conman moments ...

�Derek Conway - the Tory MP leading demands for a standards probe into the affair - says claims made by Ms Temple she had been transported in official cars after liaisons should also be investigated.�

arf arf ,. I would also like to commend the Press for telling us his son is gay in a word record number of ways without saying so ..�Flamboyant.....colourful , ...etc.
Oh Christ DK that�s the Beatles song isn`t it ...what a reach !

What about �Its My Party and I�ll Lie If I want To� Conway Frances , �

He had some other gay on the payroll for goldie locks as well. I do hope I see him serving me a Big Mac with no cheese soon

haddock said...

on the subject of relevant artists/songes.... there was an artist called Conway Twitty .... and he recorded "I Want to Hear a Cheating Song"

Unsworth said...

Well Dale may have found the spectacle 'unedifying' as you say. I, on the other hand, found it extremely edifying.

Would you say that there was a contrast between the actions of Brown and Cameron over such issues?

Anonymous said...

Conway had Freddy's what I believe it is proper to refer to as "close companion" on the payroll, too. So, a pretty non-judgemental kind of a guy.

I have absolute contempt for this individual, misappropriating funds from people who are the wealth-creators of any country - the people who work in the private sector - from the richest to the person on minimum wage, they are not ticks on the backs of other people, unlike Mr Conway, Mrs Conway, the fragrant Freddie, Freddie's companion and the other son.

And we sneer at the corruption in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Tom Wise UKIP MEP- you thieving, fraudulent bastard resign now.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Rachel and others,

Yes, I agree. I find Brigstocke irritating much of the time. I just enjoyed the fact that it was almost like a swearblog -- but on TV...


No, you can watch iPlayer programmes online: they've implemented Flash. I then used Snapz Pro (part of the MacHeist bundle) to capture the video and audio simultaneously. (I then edited it down in iMovie).


Anonymous said...

I found the whole process intensely gratifying. On Tory Home, just about everyone was baying for his blood. Contrast the red corner where virtually noone dares criticise the worst corruption on their team.

Just goes to show that a corrupt Right Winger is an immoral bastard, but a corrupt socialist is just following the party line. What's yours is mine.

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