Monday, January 14, 2008

EU don't have to make it up...

Shock, horror! The EU have suddenly realised that maybe biofuels weren't such a good idea after all, and that their quota policy may just possibly have been something of a fuck-up. Even more oddly, they have admitted it.
Europe's environment chief has admitted that the EU did not foresee the problems raised by its policy to get 10% of Europe's road fuels from plants.

Recent reports have warned of rising food prices and rainforest destruction from increased biofuel production.

The EU has promised new guidelines to ensure that its target is not damaging.

EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said it would be better to miss the target than achieve it by harming the poor or damaging the environment.

Oh, right; so they aren't actually going to abandon the target, they are just going to get themselves off the hook when the targets aren't met. If the targets aren't met, the Commission can say that they thought that it wasn't such a good idea anyway.

If the target is met but causes even more massive food price rises and general environmental and social destruction, the EU can simply deny any liability. I think that called "hedging your bets", isn't it?
He said the EU would introduce a certification scheme for biofuels and promised a clampdown on biodiesel from palm oil which is leading to forest destruction in Indonesia.

Some analysts doubt that "sustainable" palm oil exists because any palm oil used for fuel simply swells the demand for the product oil on the global market which is mainly governed by food firms.

Brilliant! So, instead of abandoning the damn targets, they are simply going to add yet another layer of bureaucracy. These people are utter fuckwits, they really are.

And EU Referendum leaps in with another thought on this matter.
This is the classic response from these morons. Having introduced a policy that is utterly mad, they are incapable of reversing course. Instead, they simply pile another layer of bureaucracy on top of their original madness and, in the broader scheme of things, will make matters ever worse.

But the real madness is that Gordon Brown and his merry men want to give these incompetent, fatuous, dim-witted, short-sighted, inept, anally dysfunctional and utterly useless morons even more powers via the Lisbon treaty. Just what does it take for him to realise that, when it comes to incompetent government, the EU outstrips the performance of even his dire administration?

Quite. Still, you can see why Gordo wants Britain to be closely involved with the EU: it makes his fuck-ups look almost harmless in comparison.

Politicians: hang them all.


anthonynorth said...

Biofuel is not a bad idea. Quotas, and becoming fanatcial about producing them, turn them into a bad idea.
Infact, it's hard to think of a single idea that isn't turned bad by politicians nowadays.
The problem is politics, not the idea.

Roger Thornhill said...

I used to think Biofuel, and by that I mean lignin/woody matter consuming forms, not oil or sugar, was a good idea. But, unless the true impact of removing all that acreage from food production and from that land all the biomass is truly understood and/or mitigated, then even that is a no no.

It is not about regulation, it is about stopping the subsidies dead. Stop them and people will go off and develop more cost-effective energy systems.

As Prof Lovelock once said "it takes ten times more land to move the vehicle than it does to feed the driver". A lesson.

I would also say that it takes ten times more land to feed a Socialist nation than it does a free market one.

Anonymous said...

Yep,i fell for biofuel, growing stuff for green diesel , what a splendid idea,burning corn in a traffic jam on on the m25 whilst food prices rocket,it all makes eurosense.
Don`t try too hard to avoid running over protesters,we`re really going to need those new reactors.

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