Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conservatively awful

It seems that David Cameron has grown a pair and withdrawn the whip from the hideously corrupt sponger, Derek Conway MP. Good. Well done, Dave, and only a day or so late.

In the meantime, it seems that other Tory MPs have decided to show the people that they are as fit to govern as are NuLabour. Although possibly not as was intended.
Conservative frontbench MP Nigel Waterson has been arrested for allegedly assaulting two teenagers.

The Eastbourne MP, a shadow work and pensions minister, was arrested by Metropolitan Police officers at an address in Bromley on Sunday night.

The MP is understood to have called the police himself to report an assault. He was held for nearly 13 hours before being released on police bail.

The two children did not need any medical attention.

It seems that the NuLabour press office is going into overdrive in order to deflect attention from their own pathetic scandals. This seems to me to be a bit of a non-story, since Waterson called the police himself. Something slightly fishy there, methinks.

However, given the general quality of people in our Parliament, I can only concur with The Nameless One.
It is difficult to describe just how much I hate this shower of shit who run this country. Sorry, scratch that—who are running this country into the ground. They don't work for us. They don't work for anyone other than themselves, and their bulging wallets. Labour, Tory, doesn't make a blind bit of fucking difference. They are all as bad as each other, and worthy of nothing other than disgust and contempt. They are little more than confidence tricksters, defrauding the public of their money because, fundamentally, they believe themselves to be better than you and more deserving of your money than you are.

I don't know what we do to rid ourselves of these malingering theives. But part of me hopes that the House of Commons is razed to the ground with each and every one of the greedy, money grabbing bastards inside, frantically but vainly clawing at the locked doors to get out.

It is my considered opinion that governments need this sort of thing, from time to time. As the years pass, governments grab more and more powers whilst subduing the people more and more.

In democratic countries, this process is slower than in some of the less well-developed ones, but it is an inevitable process. And then the only option is to sweep the whole thing away and start again. It is something that has happened a number of times in our own history, and it will need to happen again. Soon.

So, here is how I would like it to happen. Except, of course, that we ensure that every MP is in the fucking building before the fireworks, quite literally, start...

Having said that, I rather like the Parliament building: there must be some really hideous building nearby that we could get those MPs coralled into instead. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Portcullis House. Or that hideous thing constructed in edinburgh for the useless shits who pretend to power in scotland.

Newmania said...

Oh do please stop being such an unconscionable cunt DK. Tri Via , the root of the word is the intersection of three ways where the women go to swap tittle tattle and that�s all this Conwad Twitty etc is . The fact that people are libidinous self seeking and greedy as well as good thoughtful and moral is why Socialism does not work and Conservatism does .Its also why the anarchic state of semi clad warriors free to do as they wish would be a fucking pig for the majority.
I would worry less about the Parliament building than who is in it a distribution that you directly contribute to as that lovely man Mr. Redwood was just saying

�I do hope all those who voted UKIP in the General Election, helping federalist candidates to become MPs, now wish they had not. We need votes now in the House of Commons. Splitting the anti Constitution vote in 2005 has damaged our cause�

Perhaps the fact that the Treaty will pass though in about five minutes has escaped you? This will be shuffled along precisely to prevent a groundswell of resistance building to an eruption of righteous magma or something ...and Conservative do oppose the ID card scheme with considerably more vehemence that UKIP or the Liberals .

The world is aligning in such a way that the forced of good and evil are showing in their pure forms. Such a thing happened before and we are approaching the new age of heroes and villains . This is no time to be stranded like an upended tortoise on the sidelines ...thats you that is ....(:) )

Vindico said...

The Millenium Dome would fit wll our MPs and a whole heap of explosives. It would also be a cheap re-generation of Grenwich. Kill a few birds with one stone, so to speak.

JuliaM said...

"...there must be some really hideous building nearby that we could get those MPs coralled into instead."

City Hall. Kill two birds with one stone...

Anonymous said...

the EU parliament building. tell em there is free money then nuke the site from orbit its the only way to be sure.

Prof Scrub said...

Dear Devils Kitchen,

I believe you will find our right honourable friend Nigel Waterson was perfectly correct in beating those teenage timewasters. I am all for disciplining the youngsters of this flagging nation. A beating a day I say.

Prof Scrub

Mark Wadsworth said...

Vindico gets close with the Millenium Dome (£400m of taxpayers' down the toilet) but I think the Olympics Stadium (£10 billion and counting) would be the most fitting resting place for these bastards.

old and angry said...

Since i found this clip,i watch it several times a week just for the uplift it gives me.
usually after watching a newsspeak with McBroon in it!

Curly said...

A great pity that you did not have the ability to show the entire film.

May I suggest the Emirates Stadium, that temple for Miliband! (I'm sure the good people of South Shields would not miss it.)

Newmania said...

the yolk of EU regulation ? Like it ; but that was a thought provoking post on Redwoods blog.
I feel you miss out the political reality. No Party can afford to take a manifesto saying we get out now to the electorate, not and hope to win power. Only a major Party can win and that is always the only point until you do. This is a more subtle and dynamic game than you like to suppose. The place for Euro sceptics is in The Conservative Party helping to gather support for a radical Policy in government .That is the only way it will happen and the argument is gathering momentum.

There is no good living in a bubble where everyone agrees but more importantly , where everyone cares. To the question would you like close and cooperative relations with the Continent most people answer yes. I appreciate you will spit contempt from a high vantage point on that statement but “other” people are the perennial problem in democracies . The Conservative Party cannot sacrifice all for one issue it has to balance the possible and the desirable .

This is difficult and involves compromise That is exactly why I like FPTP becaue the voter has to go through that very process a government does. Also becue it swats minor Parties like gnats on a a windscreen


John Trenchard said...

daniel finkelstein just said the usual mantra that our parliamentary system is "relatively clean", in terms of corruption, compared to Italy.

he's obviously living on another planet to the rest of us so.

John Trenchard said...

sorry - i meant to add "just said on newsnight"...

Devil's Kitchen said...


Yes, I took some time over that comment -- indeed, I was writing it when your first comment above arrived in my inbox.

For those who wish to read it, it's over here.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

This has been a disappointing epoch in the Westminster Village. Conway has been a colossal piece of used bathroom stationery - stuck up the arse of the gravy train; an anaerobe bereft of the oxygen of honour waiting to be flushed away down the toilet of turpitude. In short, a cunt, as you so succinctly put it.

The thing is, they are probably all at it. This is going to cause a lot of D and V throughout the ranks. There will be a lot of shredding of hard drives this week and a lot of very nervous MPs trying to figure out how they can explain that their dear nephew (aged 6) has been a really hard-working secretary and how taxis from W1 to SW3 really do cost £50 a pop.

In itself, this debacle is minor. However, the ramifications are enormous.

The whole belief system is weak,trust is broken, and when the belief system is weak the extremists have a chance to take over.

We don't have revolutions in this country but if we did, it would be easy for those with the wherewithal to start one.

Here is why:

1. We have a press and media that is largely wedded to a left wing liberal elite, leaving many without a voice.

2. The democratic process is creaking (see Scotland, see EU)

3. There is a burgeoning Samizdat network which is starting to achieve an underground consensus; indeed it is becoming organised.

4.Society is fragmenting into minority groups whose self interest is in conflict with the common good and which will ultimately implode under the struggle for hegemony.

5. No apparent leader has emerged with a clear vision capable of capturing the zeitgeist and commandeering it.

I could go on but you get the gist.Please tell me I am talking bollocks. I really hope I am.

We live in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Newmania ...

In 35 years where have the Tories gone on their EU policy? Do we have to wait another 35 years for the light to finally dawn on them?

Their current position is a "promise" to stay in the EU but re-negotiate our relationship. You, and they, must know that it will be impossible to fulfil that promise.

The (rest of the) EU will refuse to budge - and what can the Tories do? - they have already given up the only hand they could have - to threaten to leave, and mean it - if they do not get what they want.

Why should I vote for them? They cannot give me what I want.

The Tories are like the corrupt unions in the 1970s. There was always a debate: should we join and reform the unions from within (the received wisdom); or fight them from the outside? Thatcher chose to fight from the outside and was proved right.

Despite the good Tories (let's not be picky here) the Tory Party is as unreformable as Labour or the Libdems. Dump the lot.

Anonymous said...

This arrested MP story is interesting. My guess is that the two teenagers will turn out to be Vic & Vicky Pollard.

Newmania said...

Budgie , you say the 'Conservative Party' , but as Christopher Booker pointed out Churchill , Mrs. T and most of the coutry were misled are most are only now catching onto what has been going on.

It is happening but the Conservtaives cannot run too far ahead of the country. Its the coutry that is your problem not members of the Conservative party who are scrambling up to speed.
What I am doing locally is tryingto keep good relations between UKIP and Les Bleus in the hope that , on a range of matters there can be common cause. I find we get on well

Anonymous said...

Newmania says "the Conservtaives cannot run too far ahead of the country"

Wot no leadership? In fact the Tory Party is riddled with euro-apologists, so cannot be "ahead" of the public: it is behind. So the problem is not the "country" but the Tories.

How much more evidence is needed about the EU? In 1975 the referendum was lost because there was no mainstream party supporting the eurosceptic position. The reality is the Tories could if they wanted to - there is nothing actually preventing them except cowardice.

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