Monday, January 14, 2008

Classic Harding: resistance is futile

Neil Harding: the Mouth of NuLabour Your Totalitarian Overlords.

Longrider regales us with this particularly awful story about what happens when you challenge "consent".
He points to this story that demonstrates what can happen when consent is not obtained:
Cancer registries use confidential patient data in research to combat disease but it includes names, addresses and other personal information held on case notes.

The drawbacks of this data-sharing are highlighted by the case of a junior doctor with a rare disease.

She received upsetting and intrusive phone calls about her illness from researchers. When she complained, she was suspended by her employer and even now is bound by a gagging order from publishing her case. She’s been legally gagged by a hospital trust and she’s not able to be identified because of a court order.

Frankly, reading it, I was horrified. Not only has this woman’s private information been shared without her consent; she was subjected to unwanted phone calls by researchers and when she complained, she was punished for it. This case has been dragging on for five years and the court has found in her favour. Whatever the detail of the case, it does demonstrate an appallingly cavalier attitude towards patient confidentiality and an utter contempt for privacy.
According to the High Court statement her private medical details, in fully identifiable form, were disseminated widely for the purposes of research and passed to her employers despite her withholding consent.

“Private medical details in fully identifiable form.” This is fucking outrageous by any reasonable standards.

Dr Aubrey Blumsohn has more details here, but what it boils down to is this: that a young doctor had some information that she wanted to keep private. Her entire medical history was made available to researchers without her consent and, when she complained, Cambridgeshire Primary Care Trust excluded her. For five fucking years. She had a gagging order slapped on her, the PCT spreads vicious lies about her, and then sacked her in September 2006. And she has now won "an apology"; well, whoopee-fucking-do.

And now, the crux of the matter: what did Neil Harding think of all this?
My second thought is ‘what a miserable bitch’ in refusing for her data to be used to help others suffering from cancer (says a lot about her sympathy for others - some doctor!). Of course it is her right to be a seIfish miserable person I admit, but still doesn’t alter the fact she is not acting very community spirited.




Would you like a little while for that to sink in? Let me say that, generally speaking, my view accords with The Longrider's.
What a fucking evil, misanthropic, cold-hearted bastard. I always knew that Neil was a totalitarian at heart; that he has no respect for personal privacy; that he is blinded by New Labour dogma and demonstrates a staggering ignorance of historical precedent; this I already knew, just as trying to reason with him is like repeatedly beating one’s own head with a lump of two-by-two (which is why I tend to avoid commenting on his blog these days). However, despite this, I had always regarded him as nothing worse than a bit of a buffoon, but otherwise relatively harmless (providing he is never given the opportunity to exercise his politics for real), but this really stoops to an all-time low; this is nothing short of Stalinist. He has no humanity.

So, there you have it, the “community” is more important than privacy, human dignity and patient confidentiality. Indeed, the individual is expected to sacrifice all of these for the good of the community in Hardingworld.

Quite. But then we all know that Harding isn't realy concerned about the poor, not the actual people, I mean; otherwise, as I pointed out, he would support my tax policies and not those of his precious NuLabour.
You know what? You want to help the poor? Well, stop taking their fucking money then. The fact that someone on the minimum wage pays tax is just fucking obscene as well as being insane. Gordon Brown has racheted up the Minimum Wage whilst barely raising the Personal Tax Allowance (and while we are about it, my lot are the only politicos calling for this situation to change [PDF]), and he has done this so that more people can become clients of the state—because the only way that they can survive is by filling in loads of forms and begging that one-eyed bastard for some of their money back.

It's a fucking disgrace, and your willingness to defend this belies your constant whinges on behalf of "the poor". If you actually gave two fucks about the poor, you would highlight this as an absolute fucking disgrace. But you don't.

Instead, you either mindlessly toe the NuLabour Party line and bash the Tories on the strength of things that they did over a decade ago or you moan about how the rich have too much money. Fuck that, Neil, it's irrelevant: economics is not a zero sum game and that means that when people get very rich the poor do not automatically get poorer. You know this, and yet you continue to peddle your policies of hate whilst strenuously ignoring the actual plight of the poor.

This is why we libertarians hold you in such contempt, Neil; not only because you are unable to construct a decent, logical argument devoid of logical fallacies but because you don't actually give two shits about the poor at all: thus we all view you as being morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Personally, I think we could probably add "and you're a fucking psychopath" to that list too.

Ladies and gentlemen, Neil Harding: the Mouth of NuLabour and True Face of Socialism.


Longrider said...

Although I am used to the sociopathic outpourings from the Harding keyboard, that one was just so openly inhuman, so callous, it still had the power to surprise. Perhaps it shouldn't have, but it did - all of his misanthropy naked for the world to see.

On balance, probably no bad thing. Of course, according to Harding, she is allowing trivalites to dictate her actions... Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell, this Harding guy comes over as a right little National Socialist. I'll bet he wouldn't have written that about that nice Mister Hain.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

I know you'd like to see the politicians tap-dancing on air, adorning the lamp posts of Westminster, but can we surely not reserve the first place for Neil 'Cockface' Harding? Please? It's only because I'm a selfish bitch, y'se...

Trixy said...

Is it me, or is Neil Harding a cunt?

JuliaM said...

"...she is not acting very community spirited."


I rarely use the word myself, but yes, I have to agree - Harding is a total cunt!

Longrider said...

Is it me, or is Neil Harding a cunt?

No, it isn't you, Neil Harding is a cunt. An ignorant, illiberal, sociopathic, callous, lying cunt.

Longrider said...

...and, like juliam, I don't use the word very much either. It takes a special type of behaviour to bring it out.

Anonymous said...

I have set up a new blog project, a spin-off from Question That, and called it 'Collective Interest', and this is the topic of the first post there.

The idea of Collective Interest is to"develop a greater appreciation of and understanding of the basis of collectivist ideas and the collectivist mindset." from a non-collectivist point of view. I posted in more detail about it here.

I have already invited Longrider to become an author there, and was thinking it might be something you would be interested in getting behind also.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting that Brownstuff made low paid even worse off by abolishing the 10% rate in order to lower the normal rate at no real cost and score a point against the Tories.

Anonymous said...

Hang on, I am trying to get into the sweary spirit. C c c c cu cu

Roger Thornhill said...

This truly is a double WTF moment. Firstly by the Stalinist Healthcare Geographic Monopoly, or PCT as we know it, and Harding's contemptible, sneering and bullying response.

longrider@07:41- I object, however, to your labelling of Harding forgot to add "with shit for brains".

Longrider said...

Roger, I guessed you'd figure that one out without help from me ;)

The Nameless Libertarian said...

"Is it me, or is Neil Harding a cunt?"

See, I would have defined him as a ignorant little shit with all the compassion of a member of the Khymer Rouge. Although "cunt" is a nice summary.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Long time reader, first time commentator here. The reason? I have never read a more contemptible outpouring than the one quoted above by that nasty little shitfucker Harding.
"Cunt" doesn't quite do justice to just how utterly spiteful this fascist turd seems to be. In the name of community spirit perhaps he could be required to partake in an experiment - for the good of all society, of course - to see just how many sharpened cockroaches can be inserted down the eye of a very small penis, much like the one he clearly possesses. (My assumption is broad, of course, but it seems a reasonable conclusion that something is making this man to be an utter, utter cunt and an extremely tiny penis is one explanation at least. Others might be that, for example, he has lately tried to secure the services of numerous tramps for his sexual gratification, but they had to decline as they prefer to be anally penetrated by something that they can feel. For example.)
I may be able to temper my contempt somewhat if Harding were to publish a public apology to this unfortunate young woman, as this is the least she deserves for being smeared in this way, but alas I fear that I may have a long wait. A decade of sneering contempt by Our Illustrious Leaders has given those even on the fringes of the party the feeling that they too have a right to treat other HUMAN BEINGS as if they are not only the property of the State, but that they are owned only in the way that I own a dogshit when I tread in it and accidentally walk it into my house.

What an absolute cunt. Keep up the good work, DK - these fuckers need to be exposed at every turn as the fascist bully boys they are. Even if it is only amongst the blogospere it is far better than the doffing of the flat cap that these bastards seem to think they deserve from ordinary hard working folk.

(Did I mention that Harding is a cunt?)

The Sage of Muswell Hill said...

There really are no words to describe the sheer disgusting depths to which Harding descends. Even "cunt" leaves something wanting. Maybe only the words “NuLab supporter” achieve a more succinct description of utter moral depravity linked with irredeemable stupidity.

Falco said...

I have had several arguments with the idiotic arsehole known as Harding but as the saying goes, "You can beat a socialist over the head with the truth until their face is a bloody, unrecognisable mess but you can't make them think or be less of a cunt.".

Neil uses the standard tactics of ignoring any valid points made against him or changing the subject when faced with glaringly obvious facts that contradict his blind stupidity. As a result I can no longer be bothered to comment on his blog and as someone who has been on lab rat side of medical research I hope he contracts something interesting and has a crowd of doctors poking and proding him for a five year stretch.

JuliaM said...

" the saying goes, "You can beat a socialist over the head with the truth until their face is a bloody, unrecognisable mess but you can't make them think or be less of a cunt."."

True. But on the upside, their face is then a bloody, unrecognisable mess!

Twisted Root said...

Well... what an emotional mammalian brain outpouring against this man! I do think you all need to calm down and make a more rational analysis.

After extensive investigation, forensic disection and logical mapping of Harding's arguments, I can say with complete certainty and without fear of contradiction that he is, in laymans parlance ' a cunt'.

Liz said...

I met Harding at a conference on democracy a couple of years back. Before that, I'd assumed he was actively malicious, and was writing some of the really unpleasant stuff he churns out out of a sense of mischief and nastiness. I think I was wrong. Meeting him in person suggested that sadly, he just isn't very clever, doesn't think very hard, and has more chips on his shoulder than is healthy or normal. It took all the joy out of leaving comments on his blog - I felt a bit like I was kicking a (retarded) puppy.

chris said...

Please, gentlemen and ladies ... lets not call Harding a cunt. Cunts have been known to bring great pleasure to the world to compare a cunt to Harding is a great insult to cunts. Harding is not a cunt, he is a socialist and the amount of good cunts have brought to the world is vastly greater than that of socialists.

Anonymous said...

Harding has two kidneys. The selfish bastard only really needs one of them, so he should have the other forcibly removed. He can make do with one eye as well; get a cornea whilst he's out cold. It's not very community-spirited of him to hang on to spare organs when he's got so much that could be harvested. Exsanguinate.

Anonymous said...

I imagine Mr Harding smugly thinks of himself as a humanitarian (lots of Socialists do, oddly), despite the fact that everything he believes in dehumanises actual individuals.

But, to me, that is the definition of a 'humanist' - someone who believes in mankind in an abstract way, but is an apologist for regimes which murder millions.

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