Monday, January 14, 2008


Although I noted it, I failed to acknowledge that it was The Kitchen's third birthday, yesterday. This blog started up, slightly tentatively, on 13th January 2005, after your humble Devil had read about the sacking of Joe Gordon by Waterstones; until that point, I had never heard of blogging. Now it near dominates my life (apart from the need to make money and, let's face it, I'm better at blogging)...

Name-checked in the very first post was Chris Lightfoot (whose blog I had started reading avidly) and who, sadly, passed away this year. Whilst I enjoyed his more serious political polemics, especially on ID Cards, this amusing article on How To Be A Web Designer made me laugh a lot. I didn't learn anything from it, but there you go...

Anyway, The Devil's Kitchen: three years old, yesterday. Who would'a thunk it? Not me, that's for sure: I certainly could never have predicted how many people would read my random, angry witterings, nor how many would appear to take them seriously. And I certainly never thought that anyone would find them funny!

Anyway, as usual, I must send a massive thanks to all of those people who—in past, present or future—have, do or will contribute to The Kitchen. A massive thank you to all those other bloggers who have referenced articles here—and especially to those who have become good friends (which, amongst other things, made my transition to London so much more pleasant)—and to my readers and commenters. You are all appreciated by this humble Devil as much as I hope that you appreciate my writing and opinions.

Here's to another three years. And let's hope that, by the time that anniversary comes around, there are another bunch of trough-feeding fuckers in government for me to excoriate. In the dying days of NuLabour, I feel slightly grubby even criticising those cunts.


And in another piece of good news, when checking my analytics today, I am happy to note that Internet Explorer users make up a mere 48% of browsers, whilst it was nearer 85% a year ago.

Hooray! Keep switching, people...

UPDATE: it appears that The Kitchen shares a blog birthday with the Pub Philosopher.


Unsworth said...


I hope you're absolutely right about new snouts in the trough. Frankly it's getting rather boring stabbing the corpse of NuLab.

And congratulations on three years of superb outrage. May it last for at least another decade or so.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday DK!

Your and others blogs have made me sit up and take notice the shameless thievery and corruption endemic in our ruling classes. To the point I've even started blogging about it myself.


anthonynorth said...

Happy birthday, DK. I'm new to your blog but, agree or disagree, I always find it stimulating.
As for this post I agree and disagree with you. I disagree with NuLabour being in its final times. One should never underestimate - it won't be over until it's kicked, thrashing to the ground, and kicked some more.
Re the decline of Internet Explorer, i agree that new, smaller companies provide a far better product that the large corporations.

Jon Worth said...

Made me chuckle reading this - while I disagree with you on almost every political point, I seem to agree on every tech point - so here's to only 25% IE use in January 2009. Will make web designers' lives a lot better!

Devil's Kitchen said...

Well, Jon, my view has always been that you are a Mac user and thus cannot be all bad... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Blog-Birthday, DK.

God knows how you manage to bash out so many posts in a day.

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