Friday, January 04, 2008


I love the MSM because, you see, they can check their facts (unlike we evil bloggers).
The switch to energy-saving light bulbs may put thousands at risk of painful skin reactions, health charities warn.

Fluorescent bulbs can exacerbate skin rashes in people with photosensitive skin conditions, experts said.

The government is planning to prevent the sale of conventional bulbs by 2011 to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

The government has nothing to do with it: the EU is banning incandescent lightbulbs from the beginning of 2009 anyway.


Anonymous said...

they have been itching to do this for ages....sorry

Unsworth said...

This is going to be fun. Unending debate about the benefits or disbenefits to mankind etc. Point and counterpoint, experts wheeled in and out. Politicos blathering on. Tremendous opportunities for 'consultancies' everywhere. Marvellous!

Don't you just love the EU with its boundless business opportunities spewing forth? Almost as good as that CE scam.

John Trenchard said...

compare and constrast the BBCs coverage
with the rather more transparent coverage over in Ireland on exactly the same issue

note how there is ZERO mention of the EU in the BBC's story.

do they really think we're that stupid?

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Yet another demand from the Eussr

Whats next?

Homophobic Horse said...

The EU is the culmination of utopian liberalism. It is the province of armies of lawyers and men of paper. As such, is can never be a robust republic, empire, kingdom or dictatorship. Instead, it is destined to be a feeble final try at secular latter day Western mediocrity, during the final hours of post "Enlightenment" luke warm rubbish. The EU stands to be conquered from the East. Pray that it is superseded by a real Western empire, soon.

Anonymous said...

Homophobic Horse - The EU is destined to fail because it is the province of armies of lawyers (instead of real armies and militaries) and men of paper.

More robust societies will conquer it.

Oriana Fallaci would have agreed with you. Islam is more aggressive, and although bereft of any inventiveness (for centuries), it has the dull determination of a stupid dog barking and flinging itself against a closed door. Sometimes, the dog manages to break the lock and scramble through.

We must get to work on forming a formal Anglosphere and sauve qui peu for the Europeans. We must cleave to our own tribe, which includes Anglo-Saxons, Scots, Americans, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis all mixed up, and also our close cousins the Indians and Singaporeans.

We've got to get the damned Anglosphere formed. Formally. This is critical.

Anonymous said...

The eu will fail because of its obsession with pointless debates like this its run by and set up by lawyers and they are the most pointless people the planet has ever spawned.
If the eu had a "vision" or a "noble purpose" people would support it but no its lawyers arguing over light bulbs and bananas at huge expense.

Shug Niggurath said...

"Could the last one to leave the EU please turn out the lights?"

Anonymous said...

Compare and contrast the soft ride given to this story (which isn't so much old news as ancient information) by the BBC, with its shocked outrage at almost any other 'scandal' involving a commercial operation.

So far, we have had a Greenpeace android allowed to make calming noises, followed by a propaganda speech and a toxicologist who said it's not much to worry about.

Not what they said to the poor devils with with small businesses repairing antique barometers, is it?

As for the Euroclowns who foisted this nonsense on us, just don't get me started!

Anonymous said...

Technically, the Beeboids are correct: the EU is now our government, it's just that most people have not woken up to the fact.

Mulligan said...

Interesting report on the BBC this morning about what to do when one of these suckers breaks! And with nowhere to get rid of them yet another disaster in the name of saving the planet (following the destruction of rain forests and wildlife in the name of bio fuels) will these meddling twats ever learn ?

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