Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Brothers Faversham: Horatius

The Penny Dreadfuls in Aeneas Faversham Returns. Artwork by Idil Sukan.

I recently plugged my old friends, The Penny Dreadfuls, but have only just got around to listening to the first of their Radio 7 shows. The shows record the "histories" of four of the Brothers Faversham and the first is the great Victorian soldier, Horatius.

You can Listen Again here (fourth from the bottom of the page, or this direct Realplayer Link) and I recommend it: I laughed a lot. Mind you, I do have something of a weird sense of humour...

Anyway, you should definitely listen to them so that they get given many more programmes and can subsequently keep me in the style to which I would very much like to become accustomed*, if you don't mind.

UPDATE: it seems that enough people have indeed tuned in.
Without even waiting for ratings to come through the Dreadfuls have been immediately been commissioned for a second series.

Pass the cigars, old chap. And—would you mind?—the port too. No! To the left, you fool!

* They don't actually owe me anything. Yet.


Anonymous said...

Just listened to the Horatius episode - top quality stuff.

Do you know if they are playing London any time before June?

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff. Shades of the old time 'I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again'. I suppose I'll have to get back to work now.

Peter S.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Details of the Dreadfuls' live dates can be found here.

The next one is on 25th January in London.


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