Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blogging doc rises from the dead!

In a move that can only be described as akin to that of Lazarus, the good Dr Crippen has returned to the blogosphere.
Hewitt had gone, unlamented, and there was a spark of hope generated by the appointment of the more reasonable and rational Alan Johnson. And was there not, for a brief moment, a window through which it seemed that Gordon Brown was going to abandon spin and deliver some real improvement?

Oh! Credulous Crippen.

But could I continue to write about the NHS? I had said it all before, and said it so many times. Does anyone listen? Does anyone believe what I say?

Last Saturday, we had a re-union dinner of a group of doctors who have kept in touch since medical school. Some GPs, some consultants, and even a well known medical politician. You would have heard of him. All long-standing friends and all, over the last two years, a constant source of inside-track information. They have been missing their opportunity to vent their spleen through Dr Crippen.

And then, one of those wine-induced dinner-party epiphanies. The Paediatric Professor who we first met in Mrs Crippen’s Vagina said,
"You know, if I were suddenly taken ill, I would be terrified to be admitted to a British NHS Hospital."

We went round the table. Each and every one of the ten doctors present felt the same.

It is time to start again.

Excellent! Welcome back, Doc.

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