Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Batshit still lying

You might remember that, a couple of days ago, I examined Batshit Miliband's claim that a number of charities supported the Lisbon Treaty. One of those charities which Batshit quoted (and which was in receipt of EU money) was Action Aid.

A correspondant has now emailed me with the following interesting information. [Some details excised for privacy reasons.]
Dear DK,

I have been a supporter of both Action Aid and the NSPCC for many years and sent both an e-mail complaining vociferously about their support for the EU Constitution as expressed by the Foreign Secretary in the House of Commons debate.

I have today received a response from [an] Officer at Action Aid, to clarify what Action Aid has said about the EU Reform Treaty/Lisbon Treaty.

[The officer] makes 2 key points to me (these are verbatim quotes from [the] letter):

  1. "We have never stated either that we are for or against the Lisbon Treaty. Such matters fall outside our mandate."

  2. "We are aware our position has been misrepresented by the Foreign Secretary and have written to him to clarify our position."

I wonder if the Foreign Secretary will clarify at the next debate that he has misrepresented the position?

I take your point about the EU funding Action Aid receive, but on the basis they are not (seemingly) actively supporting this Treaty as originally stated by the Foreign Secretary, I see no harm in accepting funds to further their aims of poverty reduction.

I shall advise what form of response I receive from the NSPCC.

Best Regards

Your humble correspondent.

All of which is, I think you'll agree, rather interesting. There are a few possibilities here:
  1. Action Aid are either lying or their officer is unaware of some private commitment that the charity may have made.

  2. Action Aid, being in receipt of EU funds, are assumed to support the Lisbon Treaty and Batshit simply pulled their name—along with those of other random charities who are supported by that organisation—at random from a list of those so funded.

  3. Batshit is a lying bastard who is entirely happy to misrepresent the position of any person or organisation in pursuit of the ratification of this Treaty, and vindication of his position.

The first option is, I think, unlikely given the provenance of the quotes. Apart from anything else, Action Aid is a registered charity and is thus not allowed to get involved in any political campaigning.

The second option is entirely possible, and the third option is almost certain.

If either of the last two scenarios is the correct one, Batshit has, at best, misrepresented Action Aid's position and has, at worst, lied to the House. Admittedly, these days, that is likely to pass pretty unremarked, since there seems to be almost nobody in the House of Commons who is even vaguely capable of telling the truth (is it some biological mutation, I wonder).

Nevertheless, it is yet more solid evidence of what a lying bastard Batshit is and how desperate the hideous little scrote is to get this Treaty through the Parliament.

What tasty EU sinecure has Batshit been promised, I wonder?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He's been promised help from Brussels with his GNVQ European Studies coursework.

Anonymous said...

This story suggests that Action Aid does not necessarily play the EU's tune:


Anonymous said...

Dear Devil,
Please keep prodding Batshit with a pointy stick.
It is your prerogative.
These weasels are vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

He will of course deny everything!

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