Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Batshit still a lying traitor

David Miliband: traitor, cunt and all round fucking demon.

Young Master Hannan has a good post up today on the continuing saga of the EU Constitution.
Is there anyone out there who just happens independently to come to the view that the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty is a Good Thing? Without being paid to say that, I mean?

No. Oh, apart from Nick Clegg.
I blogged recently about the way in which the EU likes to say it has consulted “civic society” when all it has done is talk to a number of front organisations funded by itself. Now, it seems the British Foreign Minister is doing something similar.

Defending the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty at the Dispatch Box yesterday, David Miliband told MPs:
“The NSPCC pledged its support, as have One World Action, Action Aid and Oxfam”.

He added:
“Environmental organisations support the treaty provisions on sustainable development and even the commission of bishops supports the treaty. This is a coalition not of ideology, but integrity”.

Oh, really? All I can think is that Batshit has an entirely different definition of integrity from mine.

Is it just me, or are the NSPCC, One World Action, Action Aid and Oxfam unelected NGOs who should have precisely no fucking say in how this country is run?

But.... But, think of the chiiildren. Fuck the children.
What about the others? Well, I’ve just put down a written question to the Commission asking whether they have had any dosh. I’ll keep you posted.

The answer, Dan, readily available on the internet, is that all of these so-called charities are up to their eyeballs in EU and state funding. Let's start with EU Referendum's information on the NSPCC, shall we?
Quite why the NSPCC is so enthusiastic about the EU, however, is not immediately apparent until one realises that it is a founder member of the European Children's Network (EURONET). This in the past has received funding from the EU commission, and will no doubt do so again in the future.

The NSPCC has also received EU funding for its Childline project, which is channelled through the commission's DAPHNE Programme. That programme has a budget of €50 million for 2004-2008, with €10.5 of offer for this spending year – funding a diverse range of NGOs in the child protection industry.

In other words, the NSPCC has its fingers in the EU pie up to its armpits. Its "third-party support" is simply another example of the EU buying up NGOs to extend its influence into organised civil society.

So, the NSPCC are hardly the impartial observers that Batshit would like us to believe that they are: in fact, they have been bought, and they are steeped in corruption.

What about Oxfam? Well, they are heavily funded by the British taxpayer so you would definitely expect them to toe the government line. I am busy researching whether they receive EU money or not, but given that Oxfam's Jenny O'Brien sits on the EC Funding Group Steering Group of Bond, which allocates EU money.
As for Bond, the "umbrella group for anti-poverty groups", its EU affiliations are even more transparent. It is one of these "network" organisations so beloved of the EU, formed in June 1993, on the initiative of 61 NGOs, and now has over 300 members. Much of its activity is in fact advising its members on how to obtain EU funds, for which purpose it has even set up a specific unit called the EC Funding Group [Word .doc].

Through Bond, however, these 300 members link with Concord, the European NGO confederation for Relief and Development. It consists of 42 member organisations: 20 international networks and 22 national platforms. Its aims are "to co-ordinate the political actions of NGOs for Relief and Development at European level and to stimulate exchanges of information among NGOs but also with the European institutions."

These are all part of this vast network of influence, all buying into the "project". And having been nurtured by the EU, the EU is calling in its marker, expecting them to spring forward to help the British government defend the new treaty, pretending to be independent "third-party support".

And that's by no means all: go and read the rest. Like the NSPCC, Oxfam are utterly corrupt. It is an entirely safe bet that all of the other NGOs quoted by Miliband are also hosed down—indirectly or, more likely, directly—with EU cash.

What about One World Action? Well, here's the details of their grants from their 2006/2007 Annual Report [PDF].

Oh, look! Over £1.3 million from the DFID and... wow! I wonder what that European Community entry could possibly mean...?

And what about Action Aid? Well, luckily, I've been able to have a quick scan of their accounts too.

Oh, lookee here! Funding from the British taxpayer—check. Funding from the European Union—check. Wow! What a massive fucking coincidence! Really, who would have though that all of the charities named by Miliband as being in support of the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty would derive massive amounts of funds from the UK government and the EU? If I were a more cynical person, I might believe that... No, no: I'm not that uncharitable. That would never happen, would it?

But what about the worshipful bishops that Miliband quotes? Well, leaving aside the fact that people who believe in a big fucking imaginary sky-fairy may bot be the most sane or rational people to consult on.... well... anything, as Hannan reports, they are not all that they seem either.
I’d never heard of the “Commission of Bishops” before. A good deal of googling revealed that its full name is the “Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community”. According to the ecclesiastical blog, Archbishop Cranmer, “it is a Roman Catholic-led ecumenical body which is financed by the European Union to produce reports singing the praises of said union with all glory, laud and honour,” and its stated objectives are:
  • To monitor and analyse the political process of the European Union

  • To inform and raise awareness within the Church of the development of EU policy and legislation

  • To promote reflection, based on the Church’s social teaching, on the challenges facing a united Europe

Yup: an organisation funded by the EU believes—get this—that the EU should have more power.

Who would'a thunk it?

And who would have thought that that evil little demon, Miliband, would possibly quote a whole load of third parties, in support of this Treaty, who were directly or indirectly funded both by the EU and his party's government, eh?

What a mendacious sack of shit he is.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Just goes to show you that spin is alive and well in the parliament of Brown stuff.

Have you heard the latest, the police cant even protest in front of parliament because even they are subject to Socpa.

So they are going to the Home office instead.

Perhaps we can all link hands round the home office and create a human barrier one thousand deep around the building and it wont be subject to Socpa as long as we sing carols or hymns.

Newmania said...


Its a bit like when the Soviet Union used to have those endorsements from the National Tractor Association confirming the goodness of Uncle Joe in the matter of Tractors .

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Nick Clegg? You mean he supports the damn treaty? Fuck is there no one you can support these days?

Anonymous said...

NSPCC exists for its staff. Ask the ghost of Victoria Climbie(RIP).

They were too busy getting pissed at Xmas to do anything to prevent the poor girl's torture. I have had run ins with these arrogant smug snout in the troughers. All large charities serve their staff first and foremost.

V good article. Should be in The Times.

Anonymous said...

This is how it worked in 1933.

It was called Gleichschaltung then.

The Lisbon Treaty is an Enabling Law. 'Ermachtingungsgesetz'.

No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the latest, the police cant even protest in front of parliament because even they are subject to Socpa.

Why can't each officer claim that they were not there to protest, but rather to police the protest?

Anonymous said...

Any chance to call that turd a lying, corrupt, incompetent fuckwit should not be passed up.

He should be gutshot and left to die slowly, the utter, utter cunt.

Anonymous said...

Nice one D.K. you recieved an honourable mention in the Torygraph.

Anonymous said...

This should forwarded to every MP and newspaper Editor. It really reveals the corrupt way this country is being managed.
Well done Devil's Kitchen'indeed! I shall watch your blog in future

Twisted Root said...

Excellent work. The bastards will still ignore us though, but well done for exposing them getting up to one of their old tricks of creating a false consensus.

Anonymous said...

Brown has instructed the FCO that the policy is referendum denial.

Consequently the FCO is feeding Miliband the appropriate bullshit. It is embarrassing.

Is the FCO taking the piss?

Roger Thornhill said...

No, I think Miliband is on a promise.

Tony gets President.

Gordon gets ECB.

Miliband gets Town Clerk of Britain.

Miliband sees a route ahead, and to suck up to the EU and be a good little soldier means his future is comfy.

Anonymous said...

Miliband appears to be a tad touchy about his football team. I submitted a crowing comment about the Spurs 5 Unmentionables 1 Carling Cup semi-final. Soon after submission it was posted under "Giscard strikes back" but has since been removed (the home site says 5 comments but there are only 4).

Anonymous said...

The thing that gets me is that whenever I leave comments on politians websites which are not written in green ink and do not swear but merely point out the error of their ways my remarks invariably get deleted or are never allowed to be posted. At least you can say D.K. is a cunt and the bloke will give you the freedom to say that he is a cunt. Which he most certainly is not.
John Redwood is particularly good at this. It has put my previosly good views of the man in a totally different perspective. He's another one who can fuck right off.

Prodicus said...

Re. your second figure, WTF is one to make of the govts of recipient countries like Malawi and Tanzania giving money to a 'development charity'? Some mistake, surely? Or is there some bleeding obvious factor at work here which I don't understand? Apart from effing corruption, I mean.

Anonymous said...

The whole EU thing is such a Farcical & Dangerous Corrupt Socialist Gulag I cannot imagine what Her Majesty and Our Generals are waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Milliband is hero for standing up to the nazi euroskeptics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymong 2.17, does your boss know you've snuck out of the "Independent"'s editorial meeting and posted tomorrow's headline here?


Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me most about Milliband is his weird fucking hair. It's sort of like thick black moss. Exacerbated by the low-forehead hairline of which any Cro-Magnon would be proud. But the overall effect is odd, because all this is attached to the most weedy, obsequeous face, belonging to the type of person who always sucked up to teacher at school, in a creepy way. Thus the overall effect Milliband has on me, apart from incurring pure hatred, is rather disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..."Milliband is hero for standing up to the nazi euroskeptics."

Miliband is a bit like Ted Heath then?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Miliband was in Ted Heath's boy ranger troop.

Black Jack said...

Re. Guy Wheeler's Post (8:46);

"the bastards will still ignore us, though".

They will indeed, but the information is still well worth sharing.

One of the survivors from Auschwitz ( a communist) said that one of the reasons so many of the communist inmates survived was because they knew, right from the start, that the Nazis were total bastards, who would do ANYTHING to ANYONE in support of their cause - so that, mentally and emotionally, they were prepared for the worst. He said it was people who saw themselves as honest citizens, and believed that they could trust the Nazi party to take care of good Germans who fell apart. They just couldn't believe it was happening to them, and went into shock and denial.

So, even if they do ignore us (as I'm sure they will), the more people who know just what kind of filth they are, the better.

If talk of concentration camps seems over the top, check out the post by Anonymous at 5:27pm. And he's right about the Treaty of Lisbon; it enables any further change to the Treaty to be carried out "without further debate."

Oh - did you know that, even though it's not supposed to happen till the Treaty is ratified, the EU has already got it's police force in training in Italy. The official line is that they can only enter a member state when 'invited' (by someone like Miliband?), but, once they're in, THEY decide if and when it's appropriate for them to leave - they can't be told to go.

One of their briefs is dealing with 'civil insurrection'. Does this mean full-blown civil war? A small riot? Posting on this blog? Your granny refusing to pay an above-inflation increase on her Council Tax?

A bloke I work with asked some interesting questions.

"Do they have guns?" "Yes."
"Have they got a uniform?" "Yes." "If they come over here, will they be wearing it? 'Cos, if not, maybe the first you'll know about it is when somebody sticks a gun in your face, and says "You're nicked!" in a foreign accent."

Watch your back, and keep your powder dry, folks . . .

Anonymous said...


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