Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another one bites the dust

The signs were all there and so it comes as no surprise that Caroline Hunt has shut up shop.
I am bringing a close to proceedings on this blog. I've just run out of time and steam. A full time job means I just don't get to devote the time I want to to my writing anymore. This blog was at it's best at the beginning of 2007 when I wasn't working and all day long to work out what I wanted to write about and what I wanted to say. My blogging has now been reduced to me firing off a few sentences on the top news story of the day and frankly I'm embarrassed by the quality of it.

On Sunday, The Kitchen will reach its third birthday and I must confess that, despite the occasional bout of blogging fatigue, I have never seriously thought about giving up.

When I occasionally peruse the archives, I do wonder if my writing is as good as it was: I was angry, really angry, when I started jotting my thoughts down in cyberspace but, I now realise, much of that was down to the work situation I found myself in.

Since the move to the Big Smoke, I have become much more relaxed and happier. Stupid policy initiatives instigated by NuLabour tend to bring on mild irritation rather than the screaming ab-dabs that once characterised my writing. Hence a reduction in the amount of swearing (having said that, I haven't fisked Polly for a while: now she does bring me out in a rage, unfailingly).

Another problem is that the current government are so fucking dull; I think that the Gobblin' King has decided that the best way to avoid critical comment is to bore everyone to death by being screamingly fucking dull and following up his utter tedium by appointing a lacklustre collection of even duller cunts to his Cabinet.

I mean, say what you like about Tony's lot—and, let's face it, I have. At length (you can find many of the best ones in the sidebar, under DK's Favourite Posts)—at least fuckheads like Reid, Blunkett, the jug-eared cunt and Patronising Patsy had some personality that one could deride; the person with most élan in the current Cabinet is Batshit*, and he is almost entirely personality-free.

If boring us all into submission is the monocular cunt's strategy, then it's a good one.

On the other hand, if it's not a definite strategy, then he is a fun-destroying arsebiscuit who should be beaten to death with his own stumpy cock. Mind you, all talk of strategies aside, he is a fun-destroying arsebiscuit who should be beaten to death with his own stumpy cock anyway.

The most annoying thing about Brown's bottling of the election was that we might, at least, have had a different collection of thieving, statist cunts in power for me to mock***. Ah, well, we'll just have to wait until Brown finally has the balls to call a general election, I guess.

Fucking hell, Brown is such a fucking cunt**, he really is.

* Batshit's latest derisory entry on his tedious "blog" is entitled, "Does everyone really hate diplomats?"
I was surprised to be asked when I arrived at the Foreign Office whether "everyone hates diplomats". It was depressing because it suggested a lack of confidence—as well as being a bit out of touch. I don't think 'people' do hate diplomats.

I can't say that I give two shits about diplomats, to be honest; I don't think that I've ever thought about it. But I can tell you that "everyone" fucking hates politicians. I fucking hate you, for starters. You are such a cunt that I hardly have enough "cunts" to describe what a fucking cunt you are. You cunt.

** Take that, Jackart, you cunt****.

*** Although it will be interesting to see what happens to some of the bigger blogs out there—Dale, Dizzy and Guido—when the Tories get into government. For we unashamed libertarians it will just be another bunch of statist thieves to attack; but for those who support the Conservatives (even if they themselves are libertarians), it may well be the kiss of death, I suspect.

**** Sorry, I'm in "The Cunt Zone", man...


anthonynorth said...

I've only been a blogger for about a year, but I've been trying to break through as a writer for over twenty.
Now I'm blogging, and reaching an audience, I cannot imagine a time I could give it up.
Even if I was too busy for regular blogging, I'd keep it going, even if only now and then.
Those who give it up are not blogger/writers. They're amateurs.

Anonymous said...

DK - Don't get Brown fatigue! Look across the Atlantic to Obama! Rich pickings there!

Obama's the new Tony Blair. Conman. Huckster. Full of "sincerity". No experience in government or, indeed, in DC, given that he's only been a senator for two years, and the minute he won, he abandoned the constituents who voted for him to get to work on getting into the White House. The fellow is an opportunist of the magnitude of Tony Blair.

I know it's hard to get angry from such a distance, but still, Obama's a little goldmine of inconsistencies and lies.

Anonymous said...

If the Conservatives got into government, the bloggers were be perfectly placed to hold them to account and keep them on the straight and narrow much moreso than the Labour bloggers (all two of them) have done for the current government.

Jackart said...

Taken in the sprit it which it was intended, y'cunt.

Beer soon?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Asolutely. I was thinking of organising a little get together on Sunday afternoon to celebrate three years of The Kitchen but, let's face it, I am up for drinking at anytime...


Thud said...

I spend time between uk and the states..two sets of pols to dislike..lots of opportunities for pisstaking..keep it up.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"For we unashamed libertarians it will just be another bunch of statist thieves to attack"

Totally agreed, except it's "us" not "we"

Trixy said...



Newmania said...

Three years eh ..so fucking what ?

(It seemed right ...)

Anonymous said...

And long may you keep it up!
Yes - with the MSM kissing his backside, give Obama the 'baracking he deserves - your reputation could go transatlantic!

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