Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Al Gore's beach property still safe

Via Tom Nelson, it seems that we still don't have to worry about rising sea levels.
Currently the world has more ice cover than normal. As shown here, there is currently around 1 million squared kilometers of ice on the worlds surface than normal. The webpage also shows no obvious increasing or decreasing trend since 1979. In other words, as the north decreased in ice, the south increased.

Admittedly, from 2004 to late 2007 we saw a big decrease in ice levels, however no doubt thanks to some record cold temperatures and record snow levels of late, the global sea ice levels have increased to very high levels.

So should we be worried about global ice melting. Once again I'll show the graph, because it clearly says "no".

Wow! World still not doomed shock! Who would'a thunk it?

Never mind, we still have record levels of bullshit to contend with, but I think that this will be the year that the whole AGW myth starts unravelling and, really, it cannot come too soon.


Anonymous said...

Can you graph the temp againt bullshit that would be good call it the fuckwittery curve like the hockey stick but real!

Anonymous said...

No - the government will keep the AGW myth alive so they can punish us - we are made to feel guilty and Labour/SNP can control us more.

anthonynorth said...

Predictably, I disagree with your conclusion, DK. For every piece of 'evidence' a sceptic offers, a believer can offer counter scientific evidence. The simple fact is, science and politics have never before merged so much, thus polluting all evidence.
This is so much a problem that, to go forward in the debate, it is time to employ reason above the science - which is the crux of my stance.
I just posted a quick analysis of the problem here

anthonynorth said...

Well that link didn't work. It's here

anthonynorth said...

I give up on the link. If you're interested:

As you can guess, I'm not that computer literate.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Just to interject a bit of basic (ie Archimedes got it) science.

Sea ice area has zero effect on sea level - the ice displaces the same volume of water as it contains (ignoring contaminants). More ice will increase global albedo but that is a second-level effect. Hence Arctic ice area is almost irrelevant to sea level.

Antarctic ice, being mostly land ice, can have an impact - the more there, the less water in the rest of the environmental cycle, the less, the more. And, if a large ice shelf does slide from land into sea, you potentially have a sudden shock increase: tsunami and whatever. But most of the at-risk ice shelf is already largely or wholly floating. Hence lower or minimal impact.

This is all, of course, completely independent of GW, A, S(olar) or other.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I think AGW is unravelling pretty quickly now, I'd give it a year.

I just wonder what the fascists are going to choose to frighten us with next. Global cooling?

Anonymous said...

To sSurrepticious Evil , just a small pointy wointy
you say " the ice displaces the same volume of water as it contains -"

er , no , not so actually .

Ice has about 4% greater volume than the equivalent amount of water .

Itts terdo wiv the crytsalline struchure oi fink

Green religion still mainly bullshit though , thats for sure

Anonymous said...

surreptitious evil was correct - when floating in water ice displaces the same amount of water as is in the ice. Ice is slightly less dense than liquid water, and that is why chunks of ice float with a small amount out of the water. You can easily test this yourself - float some chunks of ice in a glass of water and watch the water level as the ice melts - it will not change.

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