Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why is the sun hot?

I wonder if our overlords in government could answer such a tricky poser, or maybe they are busy asking themselves why teenage pregnancy is not being halted by sex education?
"As a result, Britain tops the league table of teenage mothers in western Europe, despite also having a record number of school-age abortions.

This comes despite the Government investing more than £150 million in an attempt to stem the tide of conceptions - and pledging to cut teenage pregnancy rates by half by the end of this decade."

Maybe it's because the point is being completely missed and our policy makers couldn't hit an obese cow's arse with an oversize banjo. The point being missed is that teenage mothers are not quite as stupid as the government is, as well as the fact that there is no evidence behind the government's policy.

I have heard of numerous cases where young teenage mothers have openly admitted that they deliberately achieved pregnant status because of the financial benefits it brings, financial benefits in the form of housing and income support et al. If individuals and families were responsible for their actions, rather than the state bailing them out whenever they messed up, then it may encourage a bit of personal responsibility and a better culture.

The disincentivising of teenage pregnancy by removing the state funded incentives would do more to help this sorry situation that anything else. At the same time improving the general education of our population in simple things such as numeracy and literacy would help the poorer in society realise that there are other ways out of poverty, other than living on state handouts. It is a great same that the fucktards in government could not realise this simple fact, sometimes helping someone less is actually in their long term interests.


Pogo said...

A probably, more minor, point is that - according to a teacher friend - though they are required to teach about "sex" they are prohibited from teaching about contraception and STIs...

Beggars belief really.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Totally agreed. But the post doesn't actually explain why the sun is hot so i feel a bit let down now.

Anonymous said...

Dr. De'ath ... although I am just as dismissive of the competence of our politicians and civil servants, surely you can also see that, whatever they may spin in public, this is exactly the situation that our stalinist nuliebour government wants ... millions dependent on the state and voting for more of the same.

It really is their only chance of staying in power beyond 2010.

Charles Pooter said...

I used to think that your theory was unlikely, but I have seen more and more evidence that you are correct.

Of course another truth worth saying is that there is nothing inherently wrong with young women wanting to have children, it is quite literally the most natural thing in the world. The stupidity is expecting it to be good for society for benfits to replace an upbringing by parents who earn their own livelehoods. But the corporate state has conspired to make it pretty much impossible for a young working-class couple to bring up children on the wages from one parent.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Anyway, I have fleshed out the numbers here, just so that we know what we are talking about. These of course back up exactly what Vervet says.

Little Black Sambo said...

Dead right.
Real education is finding out what reality is. The Government's efforts in this matter are devoted to protecting people from finding it out.

Anonymous said...

Mark W. - many thanks for pointing us to your blog with the appropriate references researched and recorded .... my input was nothing more than a frustrated rant ! Your considered support is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know it is a myth that teenage girls are having kids because of the benefits.

It's a fact.

How do I know?

Well Rachel Burden said so on R5 at 10am today. She wondered if her programme today would scotch the myth.

That's what I love about a beeboid. Never mind the facts, good old lefty opinion trumps it ever time.

Love this new BBC I-player. You can quickly find the all the last week’s radio and TV output from BBC and hear if it was a bad as you first thought it was.

Dr De'Ath said...

bloody beeb, amazing how they can have so many hours of dumbed down lame phone ins with so few comments of any intelligence,

thanks for that link mark, nice piece

as charles says, which is a very very good point, it's so sad that a couple with only one working can struggle so hard to afford children, while single teenagers can simply have them on the state

people respond to incentives and would quickly learn not to have children if they were not rewarded for it, as mark points out, some other countries' records speak for themselves relative to our own

chris said...

If they where not having to hand over 30+% of their income (income tax + NI + employers NI) to pay for the welfare state then perhaps it would be possible for the lower paid to be able to bring up children without having to beg from the state.

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