Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We all knew the LibDems weren't gentlemen

Over at Political Betting, a LibDem who claims to be "a senior member of the party" and who calls himself "The Observer", has welched on a bet with Mike Smithson.
I hope that you “The Observer” understand the seriousness of welching on bets. I entered into this arrangement in good faith and would have paid if Huhne had not achieved the required share of the vote. I expect “The Observer”, however senior he is in the party, to do the same. I look forward to hearing from him.

Well, well, well: the name FibDems is beginning to look more and more appropriate, eh?

Still... welching on a bet: jolly bad business.

A gentleman's word is his bond, eh, old boy?


Anonymous said...

Um, isn't Mike also a Lib Dem? Someone claiming to be a senior LD but posting anonymously compared to an actual open Lib Dem posting openly.

Hmm, I think we know who the gentleman is there, and might we possibly have found an astroturfer?

BTW, thx for enabling OpenID, very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I think he means "welshing".

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