Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Video crap

Some time ago, I demonstrated the falllacy inherent in a video that claimed that we must take drastic action whether climate change is true or not.

Now Climate Skeptic has done the same in exhaustive detail, and you should really read the whole post: it sums up, brilliantly, the dilemmas that one faces even if one actually believes the shit that the IPCC are peddling.

Go and read it, whatever your beliefs.


Anonymous said...

His argument starts from the (false?) premise that 'doing something' will actually have the desired effect.

Anonymous said...

The thing that pisses me off about this climate change bollox is they win either way if nothing happens they say we did it just in time so now listen to us more
or you didn't listen and now the planets fucked.
The bastards will keep moving the timescale as well like bruun and his golden rule bollox.

Anonymous said...

The climate has always changed without any help from mere humans and i guess it will continue regardless of what taxes go up to prevent it.
Not many years back the BBC were touting a new ice age on the horizon.
Like everything else it stinks!
The inconvenient truth is it's all a load of shite.
Dissenting scientific voices are silenced as claimed by a top Russian female scientist on a recent university visit here.
Like we can conrol the sun..can't even control our streets.
Dissent in the EUSSR not permitted.


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