Saturday, December 15, 2007

Via The Lone Voice, this is a neat little quote from an US Environmental Senate Committee.
MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen correctly summed up these types of efforts in March when he said, 'Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat's dream. If you control carbon, you control life.'

Which is why, of course, our fucking politicos are all so keen to control carbon...


Anonymous said...

makes you wonder what these people would do if a real emergency happened say....a huge comet about to hit the earth,blame the USA,The British Empire,White people then lack of diversity.Then get the guardian to say it may be a small moon not a comet so don't panic.

Anonymous said...

Hence this proposal at The Road to Copenhagen website, part hosted by the lovely Margot Wallström:

* create a powerful international court that will supervise the implementation of this framework

What are they planning? Replacing governments that miss their targets with UN Commissioners, closing down the world's "most polluting" companies, taking away my second beer fridge and my V6 24 valve turbocharged car and making me buy an effing Prius.

People should visit the website if only to see how fetching Margot looks in Marge Simpson's Chanel Suit. And don't forget, Margot, along with Mary Robinson and Gro-bag Brundtland want YOUR help in editing their communique:

Anonymous said...

This will cheer you up. According to The Daily Mail (whether you like it or not, they have photos), the Dutchman in charge of climate change in Bali, wearing a fashionably tropical floral shirt, was led away from the conference in helpless tears when they couldn't reach an agreement to ban, basically, everything.


Anyway, the story is a hoot, especially the Japanese (or Korean) delegate looking on with Oriental inscrutability as Mijnheer Sensitivity wept with his face bowed into his hands.

Apparently the Dutchman was led away in tears with cooing sounds from minders and probably taken to his luxury suite for a quiet lie-down.

They didn't mention whether it was before or after lunch, but I personally suspect drinks with little umbrellas.

Mulligan said...


Indeed, A performance reminiscence of some of the good old Southern boy TV gospel preachers. (a 15000 chorus of "I believe" would have been something special though.

However still pipped for this years best actor by Berlusconi's fainting effort on stage.

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