Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A very nice quote from Clairwil, writing about Morrissey at Liberal Conspiracy.
Why should immigrants who arrive in England be told that there is no host culture beyond drunken, violent football fans? Would it not be healthier and more welcoming to give them a grand tour of English culture rather than deny it’s existence? How can immigrants be expected to integrate if they are told that there is no culture to integrate with?

Go and read the whole thing...

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Anonymous said...

As a Scot, I endorse what she says about the need for the English to recognise and embrace their own culture.

As a unionist, I'd say it's high time that we reclaimed Scottish culture back from the nationalists who have tried to make it their exclusive possession (and, it must be said, have largely succeeded through the imbecility of shaved apes and leftists like Terry Kelly).

All the four countries of the UK have rich and fascinating cultures, weird traditions, odd forms of dress, peculiar linguistic variation, profound literary and artistic achievements... The list goes on and on. These islands are a fucking glorious mess of different peoples, cultures and traditions - so let's celebrate that diversity before we go wanking about the wonderful contribution made to our society by fucking chicken tikka masala and honour killings.

When I travel abroad, I often meet people who respect and value our culture, our literature, our language. It's only here, in our own country, that Britain's cultural history and achievement is ignored or disparaged

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