Monday, December 24, 2007

Stroking the keys

As I was wandering around central London today, I happened to... ahem... chance upon the Apple Store in Regents Street, so I wandered in. But, I did wander in with a specific purpose: I wanted to try out the new Apple ultra-slim keyboard.

I had heard mixed reports of about this beautiful-looking thing—some people hated it and others loved it—and I wanted to see what it felt like.

The keyboard looks, essentially, like a flat sheet of aluminium and feels surprisingly solid; further it has flat buttons, very much like one of Apple's MacBook laptops. However, there is one important difference: even though it may look it, the keyboard is not completely flat. It does in fact have a slight camber, but it is so configured that the peak is in the middle of the keyboard; in other words, where Apple's previous keyboards have been slightly concave in profile, this one is convex.

So how did it feel? Wonderful, in fact. I have never typed so naturally. The convex camber means that my hands rest entirely, curving over the keys. I found myself, in the Apple Store, typing nonsense into a text document faster than I think I have ever typed before.

So, of course, I bought one (a mere £25—bargain!).

The full set of media keys one the keyboard are also a boon, especially those that control iTunes: now I have total control over my music, even when iTunes is in the Dock, without having to switch applications. For someone who nearly always works with music going, this is very useful.

The unusual shape probably won't suit everyone but for me it's an absolute revelation. So, an early Christmas present to myself, to make up for the couple of grey hairs I found this morning. If I didn't know the portrait was safely locked in the attic, I'd swear I was ageing...

DISCLAIMER: I own Apple shares—priced at $197.13 at time of typing.


Twenty Major said...

I heartily endorse this keyboard. It makes calling people 'cunts' an absolute pleasure.

Happy Christmas,


ps - the people who read this comments are cunts.

pps - told you.

knirirr said...

The wireless one looks good, but this is better:

Henry North London 2.0 said...

I think that this one is a hoot

Well it would certainly be easy to type in the dark with it

You could call people cunts and they wouldnt know when you were typing it in front of them

Henry North London 2.0 said...

You may want this one to chuck at Welsh prats in the morning

Would go well with lashings of golden syrup

Newmania said...

So you have no faith DK....don`t woirry , he doesn`t mind.

Prodicus said...

Oh, you absolute bastard.

Oh - and Happy New Year in advance from a cybercaff in New Zealand.

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