Saturday, December 29, 2007

Spelling it out

Also culled from Tom Nelson, here's an extract from a Climate Audit post.
In the IPCC case, there was an active truncation of “inconvenient” data which had the effect of concealing a mismatch from the reader. Worse, the matter was clearly and explicitly brought to IPCC’s attention and they refused to address the concealing.

In Pierrehumbert’s words, there was no “legitimate reason” for what IPCC did, but a “very good illegitimate reason”. It’s gratifying that Pierrehumbert and realclimate are lending their authority to the condemnation of such practices.

Climate Audit is written by Steve McIntyre who, with environmental economist Ross McKitrick, comprehensively annihilated one of the IPCC's main planks: the Mann "hockey-stick graph".

McIntyre was also responsible for NASA's recent... ahem... correction of their temperature figures which showed that it was, in fact, the 1930s that was the warmest decade of the last century and not, as had been promulgated by the AGW liars, the 1990s (and 1934 the warmest year and not 1998).


Budgie said...

New Year quiz:

As the AGW theory crumbles, the question needs to be asked 'Why did our politicians fall for it?'

Are they
a) stupid?
b) cunning control freaks?
c) panicking?
d) all of the above?

Umbongo said...

Sorry DK but Roger Harrabin and Richard Black, environment "analyst" and environment "correspondent" respectively of our famously impartial state broadcaster, don't want to know.

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