Monday, December 17, 2007

So which is it?

Via Climate Skeptic, it seems that the MSM is as fucking useless as usual.
I want to congratulate the Associated Press and the Arizona Republic for running this story:
Scientists fear Arctic thaw has reached 'tipping point'

On the exact same day that this was published:
Arctic Sea Ice Re-Freezing at Record Pace

The record melting of Arctic sea ice observed this summer and fall led to record-low levels of ice in both September and October, but a record-setting pace of re-freezing in November, according to the NASA Earth Observatory. Some 58,000 square miles of ice formed per day for 10 days in late October and early November, a new record.

Still, the extent of sea ice recorded in November was well shy of the median extent observed over the past quarter century, as the image from Nov. 14 (above, right) shows. The dramatic increase in ice is evident, when compared to the record-low amount observed Sept. 16 (below, right). In both images, 100% sea ice is shown in white, and the yellow line encompasses the area ion which there was at least 15% ice cover in at least half of the 25-year record for the given month.

The re-freeze continues in December, such that the ice coverage is pretty much at the median level today. The AP/Republic article is admirably free of any new facts except the oft-repeated "Arctic ice at all-time low," all-time of course meaning not all-time but in the last 30 years that we have been able to observe by sattellite. And neither article bothers to mention the high coverage record that was set in the South Pole this very same year.

So, somebody is lying: who is it? Can you guess which side I'm coming down on?
Anytime you see someone use the word "tipping" point in relation to climate, you should immediately be skeptical. Tipping points imply runaway positive feedback, something that is a feature of nuclear fission but is generally not a feature of stable natural processes.

Quite. Nothing to add really, except to point out—yet again—that this climate change shit is just a myth.


CityUnslicker said...

..all in all a damn shame. bloody freezing on the way to work today and a nice bit of global warming would have done the trick.

oh well.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What CU says. I was really looking forward to nicer weather.

This Arctic ice coverage is all bollocks of course, but to be fair, saying that by December we'll be back at the median is a bit off piste, wouldn't we expect there to be more than the median amount in December?

Jeremy Jacobs said...


You'll like Alan Caruba's piece on Global Warning nonsense.

Read it HERE

Greg said...

Anyone who wants a good read on this topic can check the book "The Skeptical Environmentalist" or "Cool it! The Skeptics Guide to Global Warming". Both good books, though I don't agree with the author.

Mulligan said...

Arctic Ice and Polar bears (oh and don't forget penguins the new blackmail fallguys) are the perfect vehicles for oppression of the great unwashed, as no ferker can check or count them.

What is truly depressing is the gusto all these MSM Environment Correspondents jumps on the bandwagon and even manage the same hangdog expression over the polar bear on a melting ice flow, which they don't mention happens to be taken in the summer...

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