Friday, December 14, 2007

Servility without totalitarianism

There's splendid quote from Jackart today.
What we are seeing in Britain is the total disarming of the population—both physically and temperamentally. Everyone is to look to the state for all security: financial, physical and moral, and the state responds by banning anything which might be dangerous. The result is a population who cannot do anything unless it is specifically allowed by the state—servility without totalitarianism.

Without wanting to sound like some kind of conspiracy nut, having "a population who cannot do anything unless it is specifically allowed by the state" will suit the EU very nicely for this is, of course, the method on which the Roman Law works. Under our traditional Common Law, everything is legal unless specifically banned: under the Roman Law, nothing is legal unless specifically warranted.

What is now happening is the harmonisation of our law with the EU's corpus juris in preparation for our full integration into the European superstate. And the government have not even had to advertise it; they have simply created a culture in which people expect it to work this way.

It is sad, pathetic and enraging to see the population marching towards a future in which the state rules supreme, but we have been moving towards this situation since 1948; as I have pointed out before, if you are in hock, then it is obvious that the debtor must comply with the merest whims of the lender.
And as long as everyone is in debt to the state, the state, fundamentally, has the right to tell the population how to behave. And this debt can never actually be discharged: you are in debt to—and thus subject to the whim of—the state from the moment that you are born until the moment that you die.

As such, no one in this country owns their own body; no one in this country owns their own life. Everyone is effectively in hock to the state because you can never, ever opt out of state provision.

Everyone in this country is in hock to the state; most don't realise it and those who do simply don't care. It is profoundly depressing to see a nation of people who were renowned for their fierce independence become a collection of sheep, blindly following the herd and looking to their one-eyed king for guidance on how to wipe their own arses.

Will the last person to leave the country please ask the state to turn out the light...


Myrddin Wen said...

An individual, or group, is indebted to the state, the whole population is not. Massive govt debt and no tax revenue means? Bye-Bye tax'n'spend assholes.

The Government exists by majority apathy.

When the global economy collapses in the next 3 years everyone will be fighting for their own survival, general taxation by authoritarian systems will cease to function and hence gummint benefits.

No money to pay the army? police? pettymindedjobsworths? heh.

So laugh it up while you can Mr Brown, I see the banks aren't laughing quite so much at the moment, fucking shame that. We'll remember who you are.

Any pricks coming round my gaff wanting 'taxes' had better be prepared to say 'Hi' to Mr Doggybitmyballsoffhorror.

Stock up those sharpened cockroaches DK, I'll bring the rope, we'll have our fun yet.

Prodicus said...

I keep saying that this country is sleepwalking into a species of prison. Along with much of Europe. One day, millions of little, disenfranchised people will wake up and wonder how it happened that their history and all their rights have been abolished by the lying, megalomanic prophets of Newspeak. And then, there will be trouble. And by 'trouble' I mean bloodshed. The present generation of politicans may be dead by then, but their successors will hang from lamp-posts.

Mulligan said...

Indeed. Civil war in the EUSSR within 30 years I reckon.

Prodicus said...

Yup. Remember Yugoslavia.


My dear Devil,did you not say a few weeks ago that you owned your own life?

Anonymous said...

Yes. And that's why DK and many others are so incensed about the state takeover of our lives.

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