Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rank hypocrisy

Our Supreme Leader has issued a statement about the Bhutto assassination.
UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has condemned the killers of Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto as "cowards afraid of democracy".

This from "Bottler" Brown, a man who never ran for election as leader of this country and who signed the Lisbon Treaty in clear defiance of the wishes of the British people and who broke his manifesto promise to hold a referendum on the said Treaty.

What the fucking hell does Brown know about democracy? Although, of course, on the "cowards" charge, Brown speaks from a position of authority: after all, it takes one to know one...


Anonymous said...

Used to enjoy this site but this post seems to take advantage of assination for a jibe at GB. I despise GB too but would not compare him to a terrorist

Devil's Kitchen said...

Is that really what you think I am saying? It isn't.

I am relating Brown's own words to his own conduct: I have not mentioned the perpetrators of the assassination once in this post.

I don't think that Brown is equivalent to terrorist killers. Although, as a man who has happily sold an entire country into slavery, he deserves absolutely no mercy from this quarter.


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Totally off-topic, but:

"Events such as this highlight the dangers that our police officers face every day when protecting the public."- Home Office Minister, Tony McNulty MP, on the death of a policeman who died of heart disease whilst on duty in north London.

What a cock.

Anonymous said...

Every time GB mentions democracy I want to put my foot through the tv the man has no mandate and stood no election.
Benazir Bhutto at least had courage even though she was as corrupt as all the rest.

JuliaM said...

Perhaps better health screening for police officers might be a way of reducing 'the dangers that our police officers face every day when protecting the public.'.

Or is that not PC?

And how did they get away with arresting the man on suspicion of murder? The officer who died wasn't even the one assaulted! I thought you needed evidence to arrest, not just someone in the vicinity at the time...

Newmania said...

arf arf..I thought exactly the same thing ..although he has had a very good book written for him by some PR people about courage .He was not even present for most of the interviews.

( File under , the new politics )

The Sage of Muswell Hill said...


You should be aware (actually I'm sure you are) that members of our wonderful police "service" can arrest anyone for anything if they deem it's reasonable to do so (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005: Section 110). I'm amazed that the whole street wasn't put under arrest.

In reality, the only people now immune from arrest in this country are either those who admit committing electoral offences and belong to the Labour Party or those who run the Metropolitan Police and whose subordinates execute illegal immigrants from Brazil.

JuliaM said...

"...members of our wonderful police "service" can arrest anyone for anything if they deem it's reasonable to do so..."

Well, yes, but surely they need some grounds to do so? Absent any injuries to the cop, I don't see where they could have had grounds for murder - even manslaughter would be stretching it.

The 'Sun' this morning is reporting (yeah, I know..!) that it was CS gas sprayed at the scene that triggered his heart failure:

I wonder if the cop that sprayed the gas will now be arrested for murder? I'll not hold my breath... ;)

"It is understood Savage, 34, had been kicked out of the house in Kingsbury, North West London, in June after he was arrested for allegedly beating one of partner Rose Sterling’s children.

Mum-of-two Rose, 31, had let him back on Boxing Day when he returned with Christmas presents. "

Violent and abusive towards your kids - but it's ok if you bring Christmas presents? Jesus wept!

Perhaps they can arrest the sily cow as an accessory?

Shug Niggurath said...

The guy in question may well be a scumbag, but for the police to attempt a murder charge is a great example of where we now live.

Effectively if the police appear at my home over the festive season and ask me to turn my hifi down, I'll be hoping one of the officers doesn't trip on the stairs to my front door or who knows what I'll be deemed to have done.

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