Monday, December 17, 2007

Personal carbon points: still insane

Apparently, the poor will always be with us. Unfortunately, so will the insane.
Every person in Britain would be given a "carbon limit" under radical government plans to limit emissions, it was announced today.

Everybody could be issued with a "carbon credit card" which they would swipe when buying petrol, paying their utility bills, purchasing food, or travelling.

People with lifestyles that are damaging to the environment—such as frequent fliers [sic], motorists who drive gas-guzzling vehicles or people who live in large homes with poor insulation—would have to buy more carbon credits from greener individuals.

I would like to point out, as someone who does not fly or drive very often, that I would probably benefit financially from this scheme. And I still think that it is a fucking stupid idea. It would still be a fucking stupid idea were climate change even happening but, as has been pointed out, it has everything to do with control and nothing to do with the environment.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband floated the idea when he was Environment Secretary and the Government has launched a study into the practicalities of personalised carbon quotas.

Miliband did, indeed, propose this and I commented at the time.
I think that someone should tell Tony...

... that David Milliband has lost his fucking mind. I mean, what is this guy on? Personal carbon points?

So hurt was wee Batshit that he even quoted that post when presenting the New Statesman New Media Awards, a special moment in my life that was captured by Guido.

Poor Davey; such a persecuted and misunderstood chap. Actually, he's not misunderstood at all: I, for one, understand precisely what a cunt he is.

What if the entire country's carbon quota is used up? Will all travel and economic activity cease? What if they set the level wrong and people cannot "afford" the carbon points to get to work? What is the whole thing is expensive, pointless and illiberal because the whole climate change myth is... well... a fucking myth?

And does anyone want to bet that this idea won't be used as yet another excuse to foist ID Cards on us?


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Do you expel more carbon dioxide when you're gasping for breath, tap-dancing on air?

I think we ought to do a scientific experiment...

Mark Wadsworth said...

"Actually, he's not misunderstood at all: I, for one, understand precisely what a cunt he is"


Roger Thornhill said...

Yes, carbon credit cards are a pox.

They are nothing short of total and utter control of the individual, making them beholden to the State and gullible fatuous mob.

If Gordon Brown could work out a way to ban cash he would, but they have to make do with this concept, which is already pretty darn close.

Think about it - EVERYTHING we consume uses carbon. You even see the nutters going on about the UK's "responsibility" for carbon emissions in China already...!!! So hop-skip-jump these Environazis will have ALL our transactions logged and then, you know it, taxed.

I expect all companies to be forced to provide a footprint for all their services in the near future. It will render private enterprise almost impossible as if it is not already.

We were what we were because we were a Nation of Shopkeepers, NOT a nation of Sales Assistants!

Sociofascists HATE people being outside of their control. They HATE people not being on the leash.

The Carbon Credit Card is just as much as, if not a bigger, a threat than the ID card if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

What happens when this extreme fuckwittery kills someone eh? cant afford to buy electricity and carbon credits so freezes to death.

Shug Niggurath said...

Once these people get this stuff in place, everything that our forebears managed to get in terms of freedoms for us will be gone... and getting it back will require a major push backwards - this will, like communism did for Eastern Europe, blight the next three or four generations.


Anonymous said...

"Foreign Secretary David Miliband floated the idea when he was Environment Secretary".

How about getting David Miliband to float in a pool? I'll kick in for the concrete wellies.

Anonymous said...

I see the insidious technocratic revolution is underway...

Anonymous said...

Let me guess - this scheme will 'only work' if you submit biometric data and all that other stuff...purely voluntary of course...blah.

Would it be illegal to burn the carbon card? Would it release carbon dioxide whilst burning?

Shug Niggurath said...

Will it be illegal to burn David Millibanned?

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