Monday, December 24, 2007

Pass the port

As much as I loathe politicians and their money-grubbing dishonesty and petty corruption, they do at least have one good point—we can vote the bastards out of office. This does not, unfortunately, apply to the Civil Service who are, in the main, almost as fucking useless and corrupt as MPs (if not more so); when civil servants fuck up, they tend simply to be moved "sideways" instead (if anything happens at all).

As such, you can imagine my horror when my attention was directed towards this piece in The Times.
GORDON BROWN has set himself on a collision course with the legal establishment over plans to give civil servants and government agencies the power to remove people’s passports without going through the courts.

Senior legal figures, including two former attorney-generals and a lord chief justice, have expressed deep concern about preparations to adopt new powers to confiscate passports. They warn the government not to use reform of prerogative powers as an excuse to force through a “serious” curtailment of long-standing freedoms.

They have attacked proposals in the child maintenance bill, now going through Parliament, to allow civil servants to prevent errant fathers who refuse to support their children from travelling abroad.

No, no, in the name of fucking hell, get your sodding hands off our passports, you bastards. Look, what is it about Brown that he thinks that laws and long-standing liberties don't apply to his plans? And why, in the name of fuck, would you give those useless fuckers at the CSA any authority to do anything?

But it is the British ex-pats who are particularly worried, especially Tom Paine.
Anyone who has contact with Britain's officials knows that they revel in their new status under New Labour. Whereas, as a young man, I could - and one one occasion did - tell a policemen to get lost when he exceeded his powers, I would never do so now. At the borders, there are signs warning against "verbal assault" on the minions of the State; many of whom are in dire need of being put in their place as public servants.

My livelihood is outside Britain's borders. After Russia, I shall probably work in China or India or the United States. Though I remit profits home to be taxed, I have no vote in Britain because I have been away 15 years. I would be afraid to return if officialdom could remove my right to earn a living at whim. That right is fundamental enough to require the protection of the courts.

"Be you never so high," Mr Brown, "the law is above you." Or ought to be. My freedom of movement and my right to earn a living should not be jeopardised other than by decision of an independent court or (preferably) a jury of my peers. The Government is there to serve us, not boss us. It is time the voters of Britain made that clear. As I am disenfranchised, I would be very grateful if my fellow-citizens would do so on my behalf.

We shall do our very best, Tom. Unfortunately, I do not think that the next lot will be any better. As such, maybe Guthrum has the answer.
One of my few achievements this year is being instrumental in the founding of the Libertarian Party in the UK, never has there been more need.

Hear hear!


Anonymous said...

This is a horrifying, Kafkaesque plan. I am baffled at the way Labour has been permitted by the British to trample on all their ancient rights and liberties.

Confiscation of passports without due process is nightmareish.

So is taking passports away at the behest of the CSA. Who elected them to anything?

How about stamping ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT - DEPORTED in the passports of illegal immigrants and "asylum seekers"?

Interfering with the right of a Briton to hold a passport is mind-boggling. Mark my words, if Labour manages to cling onto power by its fingertips, you will start having internal passports in Britain. You will need to have your internal passport stamped to travel from one area of the country to another. These, too, will be confiscatable by the government, so to ensure you can always make your business trips and always visit your family in other parts of the country, you will be very obedient to the government.

Anonymous said...

Fascism pure and simple.

First the CSA, then parking tickets, bailiffs, council tax...

Stasiland UK

Anonymous said...

The US has resurrected debtor's prisons under the guise of child support enforcement, so this doesn't surprise me. The following are also popular in this context:

1) Cancellation of professional licenses
2) Cancellation of driver's licenses
3) Non-reduction of child support when a new job pays less than the old one

One might ask how one is supposed to pay child support in these circumstances. It's best not to question the genius of the system.

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