Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An Olympian lie

Erm, can this really be true? Well, what I mean is: it's a bare-faced lie, isn't it?
Leaders of the London 2012 Olympics say their targets for 2007 have been met and that preparations for the Games are right on schedule.

All the targets have been met apart from sticking to the target price of £2.5 billion or so, no?

Or did I just dream that the projected cost is now over nine billion fucking quid?

All the targets have been met... What absolute crap.

Seb Coe can suck my big, red Devil-balls, frankly.


Anonymous said...

All pigs fuelled and ready to fly...

And after he has finished with your nuts Coe can kiss my arse!

Anonymous said...

DK - the usual bare-faced lies from a typically new labour organisation ... nothing new then - nothing to see here, move along please.

The important thing is that you and fellow i-journos keep on and on and on and on and on about such blatant bullsh1t.

Soemhow we must fight back and destroy this ever deepening culture of 'mushroom cultivation'.

Anonymous said...

£7.3 fucking billion, with a £2 billion 'contingency'. Given that the Olympics is now a matter of national prestige and has a completely fixed deadline, this 'contingency' will prove to be utterly inadequate. Even the most hard-assed manager will be screwed by contractors under such conditions, and who do we have running the show? Tessa Jowell. Fuck.

Ross said...

Seeing how the Olympic organisers define hitting the target, I dread to think what the archery competition will be like in 2012. I've got an image of someone in the crowd with an arrow through their head whilst the officials shrug their shoulders and say "close enough".

Unsworth said...

So what were the 'targets' then? Anyone know? And who agreed them, anyway?

It's the old 'you scratch my back' stuff yet again.

Unprincipled venality (to quote Dunwoody).

Anonymous said...

Well they might waste my fucking money on that shit but i shan't waste any of my life watching it.

Anonymous said...

Just think ... you could buy 10 Olympic Games for the price of one Northern Wreck.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that when the Tories get in at the next election, they should simply cancel it, but they will be filled with the feeling of global power and importance and their place on the global stage, so won't.

Frankly, the Olympics scam is an outrage in any country or city. It is impossible to justify. How those ghastly parasites who make up the Olympics Committee have managed this for so long is mind-boggling. Travelling all over the world First Class - never mind the man-man global warming, which I assume they also "believe" in - and staying in Luxury Class hotels but ... for what? What have they produced for all their tragic crimes against Gaia (or however you spell it; who cares?) and planning a so much greater assault! Thousands of chemically enhanced athletes there for no reason! Parades with the Olympics Committee in naff gold blazers featuring as benefactors of the earth! Luggage! Planes from all over the world! More cocktail parties and dinner parties and meetings followed by lunch!

Why? So people can pole vault on TV? Hello?

Let's face it: athletes are ugly. They have horribly over-developed muscles with huge knots in them and big veins in their foreheads. They are on drugs. They are ugly people.

Cities are left in hock for years, sometimes decades.

This is all for what?

Anonymous said...

Seb Coe should be horsewhipped round the borders of London then put int he stocks for a week. Not for anything in particular, just because I really loathe the smug-faced tosser. He should also be made to pay his entire personal wealth back to the country to make amends for his part in the eye wateringly expensive fuck up that is the Olympics.

Roger Thornhill said...

DK, the true targets WERE met...

They got away with a ridiculously low, fake bid.

They got away with raising it multiple times

They got away with cancelling construction

They got away with an UGLY mediocre main stadium that is instantly forgettable (unlike Beijing, for example).

They have now almost achieved another target, which is to bluff people into thinking they have achieved all their targets!

Thats a fistfull...and the taxpayer is the one getting the fisting!

Anonymous said...

Roger Thornhill, that is a frightfully unfair assessment. You forgot to cost in that monstrous god-awful - allah-awful -mosque thingy accommodating 30,000 bums in the air at any one time. And male bums at that.

Ken Livingston unaccountably
promotes this idea.

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