Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Oh joy of joys, The BBC's political wing has a new 'leader', although some inside Al Beeb will not be so happy tonight.

Nick Clegg has won the race to become the next Liberal Democrat leader, if anybody is in the slightest bit interested.

Clegg, an ex-journalist and former Euro MP, won 20,988 votes to the 20,477 votes cast for Chris Huhne by members.

Clegg said he wanted his 'leadership' to be about "ambition and change", saying "we want to change politics and change Britain".

You can tell one member of Al Beeb is pleased by reading Al Beeboid Nicko Robinson's Blog
One vote is enough, as the old saying has it. And certainly, if Nick Clegg impresses his party and the country, that will be proved right again.

... crows the goggled one.
Together with the newly-invigorated and popular Vince Cable, these three men could make a highly-effective troika. But the fact that 10,000 fewer Lib Dems voted in this leadership election, compared with the last one, demonstrates how much more they have to do.

...says the gushing hack.
Today, having first cast aside the popular Charles Kennedy, and then the experienced Menzies Campbell, the Lib Dems have somewhat tentatively picked someone unknown and inexperienced, but with bags of energy and charisma.

... he spouts on.
It's a recipe that recently worked for the Tories and, once before, for the Lib Dems—with Paddy Ashdown. The party is hoping desperately that it will work for Nick Clegg as well.

This is a timid report on a party on the edge of Civil War, split between moonbats and EU lunatics.

Have a look again at the break down of the votes: 20,988 to the 20,477 sounds like a dead heat to me, with the worst of both worlds. No doubt some on the 'left' of the party will be starting right away to undermine Clegg.

Remember it was Huhne that was calling Clegg the name "Calamity Clegg" on the terrible Politics Show. The result is hardly a ringing endorsement for the new 'leader'.

My Fib Dem spy's tell me that the campaign has all the hallmarks of other Fib Dumb campaigns—namely backstabbing, double dealing, double think and smear.

The ongoing fight between the Orange Book free-market reformers led by Clegg and the Beveridge Group left wing moonbats being carried by Huhne (although a former Orange Book member himself) means that this 'election' will only increase the friction between these two factions.

Secretly many in Fib Dem land have been whispering that Clegg is a closet Tory—and many are unhappy with this.

Still, he is better than Huhne, who is a professional 'snout in the trough' MP and who has a shadowy past with EU Funding used to finance four newspapers and his own private interests.

Clegg now enters that well charted waters where other famous 'leaders' have gone: remember Ted Heath in 1973 or Jeremy Thorpe?

As a cure for insomnia, there is nothing like a Fib Dumber election; however, either would be taking us into the EUSSR if they gained any type of power, seeing as Brussels has treated them so well.


John Trenchard said...

so now we have a fully paid up member of the Europhile tendency as head of the Liberals.

who fucking cares indeed?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the soporific. I feel quite calm and sleepy now.

Roger Thornhill said...

"ambition and change"

"change"? So "improvement" is beyond him and his party, I guess...

Anonymous said...

I dont know how he will be as a leader of lib dems, but he has stated that his party wants a referendun on in or out of the EU. Which can only be a good thing?

lfb_uk (using missis pc)

Anonymous said...

Charisma, my cat has much more!
Paxman walked all over him making him look weak.
He's just another prof politician out to fill his own pockets.
Did he speak out in protest being as he says he defends liberty so much about the enabling bill brought in november 2006?
Any politician that kept stum while Hitlers bill was brought in through the back door deserves only a rope!
One only protested.

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