Monday, December 10, 2007

No more pretense

As our nice Mr Brown refuses to attend the signing of the Lisbon Treaty (he has a diary clash apparently), it seems that—confronted, at last, with the realisation of their dream—a number of countries now wish to do away with any pretense.
Sixteen member states of the European Union have broken cover to try to make sure that the so-called European reform treaty is amended at the last moment to transform it into the rejected Constitution.

Just two days before the treaty is to be signed in Lisbon, they have called for the EU flag, anthem and motto to be restored to the discredited document.

They also want to impose the euro currency on all member states and celebrate a “Europe Day”.
"The full treachery that is being imposed on the British people is at last fully out in the open,” said UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. “The pathetic attempt of diehards claiming this wasn't the constitution has now been blown out of the water.

"Back come the flag, the anthem and the motto. It means that what was 96% of the old constitution is now 100%.

“Let there be no doubt that this is a massive betrayal of the British people, the vast majority of whom want a referendum on this Constitution.”

The sixteen countries calling for the restoration of the constitution are Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia; they are to be applauded for their refusal to hide behind the pretense that this is anything other than the Constitution (though I doubt that this was their intention).

However, the MSM are not to be applauded; despite the UKIP press office's best efforts, although The Mail will run it tomorrow, the BBC have continued to hold off from reporting it (as have any of the other elements of the MSM). Both the MSM and our politicians are fucking little cunt traitors who should be flogged through the streets of every major British city before being hanged at Traitor's Gate.

However, since that is unlikely to happen, I do hope that everyone has started learning our new national anthem, The Ode To Joy...

This is further reported here (in French) and here is a rough Google translation.


Roger Thornhill said...

Un ber 'kin leavable.

No, actually, it was not. I did have an inkiling.

As they say, NEVER sit down and "discuss" with a Statist.

Listen and understand. The Great Statean is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity. Or remorse. Or fear. And it absolutely will not stop ever, until you are dead.

p.s. The anthem will be "Odure to Joy", if there is any justice.

Anonymous said...

DK. cast the lying cunts into your fiery pit and give them a taste of eternal warming. As the floor is made of boiling shit make Gordon Brown our beloved leader stand on his head.

Anonymous said...

If they force this bullshit on us I will ignore the whole rotten pile of shite and deface anything with that stupid logo on it.
If that anthem is played I will walk out.
Fuckin brown and his fucking lack of vision,bunch of talentless fuckwits they might not like this country but most of us are proud of what we achieved(well up to 1997 anyway).

Anonymous said...

I just wrote to the BBC and told them in no uncertain terms that if this story is not featured before the Milipede signs this constitution on our behalf, that I will withhold my license fee and encourage others to do so. And I will not pay, and I will not pay any fine. I'd sooner go to fucking jail indefinitely than pay another penny to an organisation so opposed to my own beliefs...


Anonymous said...

More in Zorro than in jest

'But 16 member states have added their own non-binding declaration that the blue EU flag, the anthem based on the "Ode to Joy" from the Ninth Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven, the motto "United in diversity" and Europe Day on 9 May "will continue as symbols to express the sense of community of the people in the EU".'

You could add your bile to the rest that has been left at Nick Robinson's blog about the shy cat's now planned late appearance at

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