Saturday, December 22, 2007

More than a drug is what I need...

More in a musical vein: here's the original video to James's Say Something.

Apart from being a great song, it was the lyrics of the second verse that tipped me over into making the irrevocable decision, well over a year ago, actually to move to the Big Smoke. [Emphasis mine.]
Take a drug to set you free
Strange fruit from a forbidden tree
You've got to come down soon
More than a drug is what I need
Need a change of scenery
Need a new life

For those of you who are fans, James have a new album scheduled for 7th April 2008, and they are touring in the same month. I highly recommend going to see them, if you can: they are, I think, my favourite live band (I've seen them three times this year). More details on their website and MySpace.

P.S. The Cure have a new album out at around the same time, so I'm looking forward to next year being a good one musically...

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