Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Penn and Teller

Via UKIP TV, another classic Bullshit! video from Penn & Teller, this time on Walmartophobia.

There's some class lines in there. Such as this, as a response to some anti-Walmart protestors...
Oh, right; you want to the type of competitiveness where nobody tries to win: so everybody ends up an equal asshole loser, and everything sucks for everyone. We call that "socialism".

But this was my favourite, in response to a couple of fucking smug anti-Walmart T-shirt makers.
So you Hell-Mart assholes think you're so fucking superior to Walmart shelf-stackers.

Fuck you both in the fucking neck!

I love those guys....


Anonymous said...

I love it!

I hate the anti-globalists (no sweatshops in Indonesia! - let those children starve out on the streets rather than work for less than US minimum wage so they don't damage the US unions).

Wal-Mart is good! Capitalism is good!

God, I hate the left!

Devil's Kitchen said...

Ah, well, don't you see, verity? If there are more children out of work, then that means more children for UN staff to fuck and to pimp out to their mates...


Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Funny you should bring this up... I had a similar discussion with a 'Tony Makara' on ConHome the other day. He seemed intent on stopping the Evil Tesco Corporation(TM), who are clearly out to destroy our communities and wider civilisation.

Although the need for money and bodies is fundamental, I think when people apply to join political parties and movements, it would be perhaps sensible to have some sort of screening process to ensure mutual compatibility. It would perhaps stem the dilution of ideas and could even save further embarassment or difficulties further down the line, when someone goes off tangent, politically.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but of course! I hadn't thought of it along logical lines before!

(Except, those people pontificating against Wal.Mart were local aldermen and such.)

Actually, in Indonesia, when there's news of a new factory - aka "evil, exploitive sweatshop" - opening, there are queues lining up the night before. Those children (I think they're around 12ish) who get work are in fairly comfortable conditions, actually. The areas are well-ventilated.

I have seen children working the mountainous garbage piles looking for an odd small coin, or a match book with one good match left in it that can be sold for 1/10th of a cent. The garbage piles are composting all the time so there is not just the Equatorial sun blazing down, but the heat rising is so intense it smokes, and they have to wear flip-flops or cardboard on their feet.

If these children get a job in a factory, for them it's like getting a Hollywood contract. Comfortable conditions to work. IIRC, they also get free (although limited) medical with a factory doctor.

Often their job means their brothers and sisters don't have to beg or prostitute themselves or trawl through the garbage mountains because there is now enough money, if one of the parents also has some kind of a job, for food. The young brother or sister can actually be spared to go to school.

Also, the governments of Indonesia and the Philippines have given permission for these factories to operate. They're inspected. The governments allow them because they are good for very poor Indonesian and Filippino families.

I mean, do these Wal.Mart protesters think there are no governments overlooking these facilities? Do they think Nike just goes in and buys some land and builds a factory with no permits, no tax agreements? Can't they give governments some credit for protecting their own people and at the same time trying to get their economies on track?

The brothers and sisters of these little factory workers have an opportunity to go to school and when they leave, they are getting jobs in shopping malls. Everyone steps up.

As my hero P J O'Rourke says, "When the water level rises, everyone's boat goes up."

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

A problem is that a lot of these well-meaning but always-dangerous activists deploy their values relative to their expectations. That is, what they are accustomed to here is how it "ought to be" elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that in particular, but they aim to bring about this change in customs and living standards overnight and that is where the damage will be done.

Progress is gradual. Like developing an educated workforce, it won't happen immediately and anybody expecting such results will always be disappointed.

Rather than throwing out the baby with the bath water they should concentrate on those who are physically abused or enslaved in the work environment.

Making an entire swathe of people unemployed will not win them any friends, nor will it make any progress.

Anonymous said...

"they should concentrate on those who are physically abused or enslaved in the work environment".

Why should they be "concentrating" on anything in Indonesia, given their level of ignorance? They can't even "concentrate" on what is their real gripe against Wal.Mart,never mind what their gripe against the Philippines might be.

How is news of those who are "physically abused or enslaved" going to reach those self-interested Wal.Mart protesters? I don't believe too many of them speak Bahasa Indonesia?

Do they think that Nike and all those others don't get a tax break from the host governments, who keep an eye on their activities? Do they think Nike et al don't have to get licenses to build factories and employ people?

Gosh, if it weren't for pig ignorant protesters in small town America, the whole world would collapse!

Aren't these some of the same people who protest at so much aid going overseas? Then when a private company wishes to set up a revenue-producing, and therefore tax-producing, commercial activity in one of those overseas countries, they can't get their stupid little heads round the positive implications. Less foreign aid. More economic independence. Duh.

Roger Thornhill said...

I see P&T did not have to scratch very deep to find the fascists benerth the so-called concerned at their T-shirt factory.

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