Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Misplaced faith

Ladies and gentlemen, in the last few days it was announced that the number of Catholics in this country had outstripped those professing to be of the Church of England. Given that the C of E id the nominal offcicial church of this country, this is a particularly poor achievement and one might have thought that the Archcuntbishop of Canterbury might possibly want to spend his Christmas sermon on some aspect of faith, or Christianity, or of the church in general.

But you would be heartily mistaken, because Dr Rowan "The World's Most Punchable Welshman" Williams has decided to concentrate on the oh-so-fashionable and yet oh-so-dodgy aspect of the environment.
The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that human greed is threatening the environmental balance of the Earth.

In his Christmas sermon, Dr Rowan Williams called on Christians to do more to protect the environment.

The planet should not be used to "serve humanity's selfishness", he told worshippers at Canterbury Cathedral.

It's nice to see that Rown Williams feels that his rapidly dwindling church needs no message of faith or encouragement on a religious footing. Williams really is a fucking twat of the first order...
Dr Williams said humanity needed to protect the world that God had created.

"The whole point of creation is that there should be persons... capable of intimacy with God, not so that God can gain something but so that these created beings may live in joy," he said.

"And God's way of making sure that this joy is fully available is to join humanity on Earth so that human beings may recognise what they are and what they are for."

The leader of the Anglican Church said this meant people should treat both others and nature with reverence.

Ah, yes, Dr Williams is a true socialist, is he not? How convenient that Dr Williams should be able to interpret god's word and thus tell us all how people should live their lives; I look forward to living my life with Dr Rowan's piss-por boilerplate socialism on the tip of my tongue, always.

Go fuck yourself, you Welsh prat.


Anonymous said...

Go easy on the beardy twat will you? As a believer of any description, his grasp of reality is bound to be tenuous, is it not?

Actually I fucking hate the bloke.

Anonymous said...

"Go fuck yourself, you Welsh prat."

Anonymous said...

A religious socialist how fucked up can one man be?
Didn't his sky fairy say something out subjugating birds and stuff?

"Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.
Genesis 1:26-29"

hmmm sounds a bit dodgy .

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

It's his eyebrows that upset me.

Anonymous said...

Well, great minds and all that ... I commented on this on the thread below on Merry ****** Christmas at 1:54 p.m. your time.

So obviously, I couldn't agree more.

But this is all we expect from CoE lefty bishops, vicars, whatever and I am surprised they are not driving worshippers away at a more accelerated rate. (I except the extremely wonderful Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, who has his head screwed on and speaks with great clarity of thought and vision.)

Speaking of "the environment", as Rowan Williams was on Christmas, as you do, American columnist John Sullivan in The Speccie thinks if the fight gets too tight between Hillary and the rather eerie Obama, the Dems may decide to draft a compromise candidate. You guessed it! Mr Global Warming himself! The one and only Al Bloviator of The Hanging Chads of Florida!

I predicted around a year ago that this was the point of his ridiculous movie and his fantasy campaign to save the earth.

James Barlow said...

This post works quite well if you recite it to the tune of "Good King Wenceslas".

Merry Xmas to you to, Devil.

Anonymous said...

OTOH, the head of the Catholic Church in Britain took as his theme our need to be welcoming to immigrants.

They're as daft as one another.

Roger Thornhill said...

Of course this is a message of a religious nature - The Green Religion (of unthought).

Having assimilated parts of Liberalism and Socialism, it now seeks to encompass Enviromentalistism.

Mark Wadsworth said...

'The world's most punchable Welshman'

Er, wouldn't that be Kinnock?

Anonymous said...

'The world's most punchable Welshman'

Er, wouldn't that be Kinnock?

Precisely the comment I was about to make. The 'Church' was disestablished in Wales in 1920, so it's hardly surprising that no matter what the former Archbishop of Wales says, most of his countrymen couldn't give a flying fuck, even before he switched to Canterbury. As far as most of us are concerned, he is just another inconsequential bearded bishop, who can only dream of acquiring such a superlative title as "The world's most punchable Welshman". Kinnock, on the other hand, requires the use of a thesaurius to adequately describe just what a loathesome ginger cunt he is.

Anonymous said...

Mark Wadsworth brings up an excellent point. Perhaps the Archbish could be the world's most punchable Druid.

I would have suggested the world's most punchable "environmentalist" but the field is too crowded.

Curly said...

Well, if it's not the Welsh trying to tell me how to live, it'll be the bliddy government tell me how to think, and what to look at!

Alan Douglas said...

OMG, you don't suppose it was Tony Bleaugh converting that was the tipping point ? Some legacy !

Alan Douglas

Mark Wadsworth said...

Verity, the field is crowded, but Al Gore stands flabby head and shoulders above the rest.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mark Wadsworth, I would agree on one level. But there are BBCists and Guardianistas whose level of vitriol exceeds any measured words of pretended outrage by Al Gore.

What is more, we know that Gore's in it for himself. He still wants to be president. The BBCists and Guardianistas are in it for the malicious pleasure of condemning their fellow human beings - especially those of us in advanced countries which have developed the technologies they so deplore.

So, no. I do not see a winner in the field.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. And did so...


Anonymous said...

I went off Beardy when he had he temerity to praise the druids of all people-

the Romans were not everyone's cup of tea but at least they had the sense wipe out these filthy human-sacrificing perverts .

Meanwhile Sentamu sticks to religious themes and his poularity continues to rise
the next Archbishop perhaps?

zoomraker said...

strange how these divs never mention overpopulation when there telling us all off for having to drive to work, liking to heat our houses and not being subsistence farmers.

John A said...

Dr Rowan Williams: an in vitro cross-breeding of Rowna Atkinson and Robin Williams?

Unsworth said...

Yep, sod the environment, Williams, when are you going to speak out about morality, ethical behaviour and, yes, Christianity.

Just goes to show how political and amoral the C of E has become under his stewardship.

And is it only me who finds him really creepy? Always reminds me of a closet pederast.

Anonymous said...

Never having known a "closet" pederast (wouldn't they all be?), I don't have an opinion on your creepy comment.

I don't find Williams "really creepy", any more than I find all socialists really creepy. I just think that he is ineffectual, doesn't seem to believe in very much and imagines that we are interested in his trite political thoughts.

I agree with Anonymous that Sentamu should be the next Canterbury. He has a fine intellect, is articulate and he is dedicated Christian - by choice as he was brought up a muslim. What's more, the Arbishop of York has a very clear take on the situation in the world as islamics become more aggressive an ambitious. We need a religious leader, not a social worker. When Williams retires, perhaps he could develop a second career as a state-funded real nappy coordinator.

Anonymous said...

I'm not defending Cormac, but compared with the drivel Dr Williams came out with the Archbishop of Westminter's Chrimbo sermon was almost sensible. Yes, it's a pity he didn't preach about Christmas, but given the choice between being nice to actual people (refugees or otherwise) and lefty enviro-wank, I know which I'd consider more important.

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